29th Dec 2008 - arrival


This night my boat stranded on the far shores of Arad.
and Here I was. lost and forlorn.
I don't know, how long I have been on that boat. I don't know where I came from. I didn't even renember my name.
a collar was around my neck, telling it: "teso". on my hips some silks, presenting more of a boi's part then hiding.
I felt desperate. not knowing who I am or where I am.

But a young stranger found me, picked me up and brought me to the master of the isle. Like in reflex I fell on my knees before him. Oh, he was so nice and kind. and hope raised in this bois heart like the sun rises after a long and very dark and stormy night.

Matteus is the masters name, ambassador and second sword of white water. he immediately offered to become the protector of this lost boi. and me accepted thankfully.

so, here I am. in the fortress of arad. writing down my story...

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