31st of December - Evening

Today was the big day! Master Kenshiro arrived and asked me once again, if I want to be his slave by free will. In a short ceremony in the main hall, with Master Matteus and my brothers present, Master Kenshiro put the collar around my neck and turned the key two times. As I felt the cold metall on my skin, it caused a shiver down my spine and a warm feeling at the same time.

Too bad that my new Master had to leave soon after the collaring. And so I have to wait full of fear and desire for my Master to open me. I got a cage for my boiparts, caged it in the hope to fight the temptation to fur with my sexy slavebrothers. I'm wearing the little key to that cage under my tongue, waiting for my Master to come back from his journey, counting every minute, every second till I have the pleasure to see my Master again...

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