Hum.... I recognized, that I can't keep up with the diary-form, so I thought about it - let it be or change to a more free form, including OOC? I decided to use the free form, the more "Earthian" way.

So, up there you see my "family". From left to right: Master Matteus Weatherwax and my brothers Misha, Hardan and Mickael. Missing on this picture is my Master Kenshiro Pevensey, who's the Guardian of Arad.

We're ordered to be naked on our little island, which is fine to all of us. Although it can be and make hard, to see the sexy brothers naked all day long. Just love the bracelets-kneeling... but it's a little disappointing, that most slaves have the habit to do it also, when no master is around. That way it becomes a habituation, nothing "special" anymore to show respect to a Master. Actually I don't really understand, why the brothers do so. It's very erotic to slide down to your knees in front of a Master, spread your thighs, offering him your boyparts... But if you do it *all* the time, then it's nothing special anymore, loosing it's erotic touch and it's no "realistic" RP at all, as slaves among slaves wouldn't do so. And wouldn't it be more fun to hang around with brothers in more relaxed poses and quickly go to your knees, when a Master or Mistress arrives, like flushed birds? But well, I don't want to be an insurgent and change the habits. Or maybe someone should?

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