A sad day

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes and hatred in my heart. Yesterday was a sad day!.I met my Master at Silver Tree and he was dazed because he couldn't find his companion and his blood-brother, which is my new (and old) chain-brother Mickael. It didn't take long till we found someone who told us the news: My Master's companion and my blood-brother as well as my protector Master Rio are dead!

In the first moment I was devastated, ran away from my Master. Headless, blind from tears. But after I calmed down a little I went back to my Master, as the loss for him is even bigger then for me. My Master needs me now more then ever.

But I am torn. There are rumours, that they all were killed by the Dark Lord. No prove for this though, but if it is... His name caused panic and made my whole body shiver for weeks, since he tortured me. But last night something broke inside of me. And now I only feel the urge for vengeance.

My Master visited Arad with me, as Praetor Matteus and my former chainbrother Misha had found Mick's body and buried it in the lave of Arad. I did as if I wouldn't listen and indeed I felt numb, but I pricked my ears as I heard the Master Praetor talking about books of dark rituals he keeps hidden in his castle. I still remember the castle and I plan to find those books. Maybe I'm just a little kajirus, but vengeance is mine!

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