Dear diary....

Oh, so much happened in my little world in the last months and lil teso had no time to write his diary.

After my Master's companion and my chain-brother mick were killed by the Dark Lord, my heart was full of the desire for revenge. Never seen my Master so sad.
But the ways of the Priest Kings are full of miracles and they brought my Master's companion and my chainbrother back. They had lost their memory and it was a hard time for my beloved Master to bring his companion's memory back, but finally he managed it and they were happily united again.

And a short time later the Dark Path were eaten by the outburst of a volcano. They say the fire of hell has eaten the Dark Lord too, but sometimes I hear whispers in the night and see dark shadows....

About four weeks ago my Master and his companion sealed their love in an official ceremony. I hided somewhere back in a corner, not recognized by anyone, which was just fine for me. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I'm so happy for my Master... or my two Masters I have to say now.

My Master's Free Companion collared a new boy also: Tesakam, called Tesa. His name means the same as mine: "I love you". And when I see my Master's FC with his new boy, I know why he is called like that. He's a very nice boy and I love him as I love my brother Mickael. So we are a big happy chain now.

Sometimes a city-slave called "wulf" lives with us also, as my Master is the Head-Slaver of Silver Tree. The other day tesa and me convinced him to make am exiting journey to a place called Nyundo. It was really nice there and a very kind Master showed us boys around. Wulf stayed a bit longer then brother tesa and me. I think he liked that Master and we hoped, that the brother might find his own Master to collar him. But he returned the same day.

Oh, a pirate tried to capture us three also. But my protector, the first saber of Silver Tree, came to protect us. The pirate spoke in a foreign tongue, so we weren't sure if he really tried to capture us or if shoting with arrows at boys might just be a kind of greeting in the territory he came from. Hmmmm....

I would feel pretty fine with my chain at the moment, if I wouldn't have disappointed my Master so much. Tesa and me knew, that brother wulf was ordered to not leave Silver Tree, but we convinced him, to join us on the journey to Nyundo. As first boy it was my responsibility and now I feel so guilty and ashamed. My Master threatened me with a heavy whipping for punishment and I am a bit scared of it. But I will take it with pleasure as long as my Master forgives me after it!

Oh, I hear his steps... He's coming!

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