Dear diary...

... today my Master went to a long travel with my two chain-brothers.

I was bored all alone, as my Master's FC was away also. So I sneaked around Silver Tree. I heard rumours, that the homestone was stolen, but of course nobody tells me - a little kajirus - about important matters like that.

I also heard, that the thieves have left ST and walked over to their castle. It was burnt down to ruines and I climbed around the catacombes. The fisherman almost caught me, but I could slip through a hole in the floor and escape.

Went to the South where I found a place I've never been before. And a treehouse. Tried to climb up, but fallen down and hurt my ankle. Silly me! I limped to Tabor into the infirmary, where Master Deakins took care of my ankle. Many Masters came and they were very nice to me. That felt good, even if I was a little embarrassed about so many Masters caring for just one silly slaveboy. I got crutches and it is much fun to walk with them. It's no fun, when I land on my butt with a big bang every time I try to turn around. But it will be only for three days, says Master Healer.

I'm missing my Master already. Hope he has a safe passage and will come back soon.

((Sometimes you have the nicest RPs, when you expect it the least, though I was a bit embarrassed, that a simple lonely-RP out of a mood, went so long involving other players. It doesn't have to be battle and fight all the time to have fun. And I had!))

[2009/06/23 12:48] Testimo Haalan walks with a limp up to the infirmery and knocks on the door
[2009/06/23 12:48] Testimo Haalan as nobody answers carefully opens the door and peeks in
[2009/06/23 12:48] Testimo Haalan shily "hello?!"
[2009/06/23 12:49] Chat Range: Rio Paulino [20m]
[2009/06/23 12:49] Close Range: Rio Paulino [21m]
[2009/06/23 12:49] Master Deakins: the panthers rescued you?
[2009/06/23 12:49] Master Deakins: lol
[2009/06/23 12:49] Master Deakins: hehehehe you had a nice evening
[2009/06/23 12:49] Rod Bigboots wipes the sweat from his forehead
[2009/06/23 12:49] Testimo Haalan limps up the stairs and hears voices. Ask shily again "hello?"
[2009/06/23 12:49] Rod Bigboots: sounds like fun!
[2009/06/23 12:50] Testimo Haalan peaks around the board, sees noone and walks into the infirmery
[2009/06/23 12:51] Testimo Haalan again very silent: "hellooohoo?"
[2009/06/23 12:53] Testimo Haalan limps around the infirmary searching for bandages
[2009/06/23 12:54] Testimo Haalan finally finds some on a board, looks around again if he sees someone, then takes a bandage from the board
[2009/06/23 12:55] Testimo Haalan reaches into his rock-pouch and touches for the candy he stored there
[2009/06/23 12:56] Testimo Haalan finally finds the peppermint-candy between all the rocks and pulls it out his pouch
[2009/06/23 12:57] Testimo Haalan looks sadly at the candy, then lays it on the board next to the bandages as payment
[2009/06/23 12:58] Testimo Haalan gets to the sink, waters the bandages, then bends down to wrap the cool fabrics around his swollen ankle
[2009/06/23 13:06] Chat Range: Rod Bigboots [20m]
[2009/06/23 13:06] Chat Range: Master Deakins [19m]
[2009/06/23 13:06] Chat Range: Rio Paulino [18m]
[2009/06/23 13:06] Rio Paulino: tal Teso!!!
[2009/06/23 13:07] Testimo Haalan limps up to the Masters
[2009/06/23 13:07] Master Deakins: nidan boy
[2009/06/23 13:07] Rio Paulino: how are you?
[2009/06/23 13:07] Rio Paulino: limping? whast the matter?
[2009/06/23 13:07] Rod Bigboots: greetings little one
[2009/06/23 13:07] Master Deakins looks to the cripple boy
[2009/06/23 13:07] Rio Paulino rushes to his side
[2009/06/23 13:07] Testimo Haalan slides to his knees and winces "I'm fine. Greetings, Masters"
[2009/06/23 13:07] Rio Paulino: are you hurt?
[2009/06/23 13:07] Rio Paulino: you are not fine!!
[2009/06/23 13:08] Rio Paulino bends down and picks the boy up in his arms
[2009/06/23 13:08] Testimo Haalan: just fallen from a treehouse, my Protector
[2009/06/23 13:08] Rio Paulino: come let us go back into the infromary
[2009/06/23 13:08] Master Deakins: what were u doing in the treehouse
[2009/06/23 13:08] Rio Paulino: come little one
[2009/06/23 13:08] Master Deakins: lol
[2009/06/23 13:08] Rio Paulino: i am a ppor protector if i let you climb trees
[2009/06/23 13:08] Testimo Haalan looks to the ground, blushing "Being curious, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:09] Master Deakins: can we talk about the cos or what?
[2009/06/23 13:09] Rio Paulino: come teso
[2009/06/23 13:09] Rio Paulino carries the boy to the couch and lays him onnit
[2009/06/23 13:10] Testimo Haalan: I'm fine. really, my Protector
[2009/06/23 13:10] Rio Paulino: where does it hurt my boy
[2009/06/23 13:10] Testimo Haalan: my own fault
[2009/06/23 13:10] Rio Paulino: you can hardly walk
[2009/06/23 13:10] Testimo Haalan: here at the left ankle, Master
[2009/06/23 13:10] Testimo Haalan: it's a bit swollen
[2009/06/23 13:10] Testimo Haalan: I bandaged it already
[2009/06/23 13:11] Testimo Haalan: I hope Master Healer is not angry at me for getting one of the bandages from there!" - points over to the board
[2009/06/23 13:11] Rio Paulino smiles at the bandage
[2009/06/23 13:11] Testimo Haalan: I only had a peppermint-candy to pay for it
[2009/06/23 13:11] Rio Paulino: cold water compress is the thing for sparins
[2009/06/23 13:12] Rio Paulino: is it you knee or your ankle?
[2009/06/23 13:12] Testimo Haalan: my ankle, Master
[2009/06/23 13:12] Rio Paulino: both?
[2009/06/23 13:12] Testimo Haalan: I already made the bandage wet
[2009/06/23 13:12] Testimo Haalan: no, only the left, Master
[2009/06/23 13:13] Rio Paulino udndoes the bandage and loks at it
[2009/06/23 13:13] Rio Paulino: it is swlollen
[2009/06/23 13:14] Rio Paulino wonders where the green is
[2009/06/23 13:14] Testimo Haalan cringes as his swollen ankle is touched
[2009/06/23 13:14] Rio Paulino wondrs if it is broken or just twisted
[2009/06/23 13:15] Rio Paulino: it looks straight enough teso
[2009/06/23 13:15] Testimo Haalan looks at his protector with big, begging eyes "Please don't tell my Master, that I was climbing on trees and hurt myself, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:16] Testimo Haalan: he went on a big journey today. I hope the ankle is better when HE is back
[2009/06/23 13:16] Rio Paulino: well i willnot but he might ask you why you are bandaged and limping
[2009/06/23 13:16] Rio Paulino: was it the big tree house?
[2009/06/23 13:16] Rio Paulino: did you fall off the ladder?
[2009/06/23 13:16] Rio Paulino: or were yu swinging from the branches?
[2009/06/23 13:17] Testimo Haalan: it was in a region in the south. I never been there, Master ((Ceberion))
[2009/06/23 13:17] Testimo Haalan: there was a wooden cage and I went in. I know a kajirus shouldn't be curious....
[2009/06/23 13:17] Testimo Haalan blushes ashamed
[2009/06/23 13:17] Rio Paulino: all boys are curious
[2009/06/23 13:17] Rio Paulino: its part of their charm
[2009/06/23 13:17] Chat Range: Master Deakins [19m]
[2009/06/23 13:18] Rio Paulino: like cats
[2009/06/23 13:18] Testimo Haalan smiles at the kind words of the Master
[2009/06/23 13:18] Rio Paulino: so it wasn;t silver tress tre house?
[2009/06/23 13:18] Master Deakins: well boy?
[2009/06/23 13:18] Rio Paulino: this ankle is swlooen leo
[2009/06/23 13:18] Testimo Haalan: no, Master, not in ST
[2009/06/23 13:18] Rio Paulino: and tender to the touch
[2009/06/23 13:18] Master Deakins smiles
[2009/06/23 13:18] Rio Paulino: I do not know how to tell if it is broken though or just sprained
[2009/06/23 13:18] Master Deakins: may i examine your ankle boy
[2009/06/23 13:19] Rio Paulino strokes teso's head to calm his fears
[2009/06/23 13:19] Rio Paulino: he will not hurt you boy
[2009/06/23 13:19] Master Deakins: boy?
[2009/06/23 13:20] Testimo Haalan turns his head to the Master Healer "I only had a candy to pay for the bandage, Master. You know, that we don't have any possessions. But if you need more for the bandages I got, I will find a way to pay you, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:20] Master Deakins: sure sure
[2009/06/23 13:20] Testimo Haalan smiles a bit insecure: "you don't need my permission to examine me, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:20] Master Deakins takes boys foot carefully in his hand
[2009/06/23 13:21] Master Deakins feels the foot is warm
[2009/06/23 13:21] Testimo Haalan grimaces and takes a deep breath as his foot is touched
[2009/06/23 13:21] Rio Paulino: i will pay for your treatment teso. i am your protector
[2009/06/23 13:21] Rio Paulino: do not worry
[2009/06/23 13:21] Master Deakins presses his finger a little bit to see if it is swallen
[2009/06/23 13:21] Testimo Haalan turns his head to his protector "Thank you, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:21] Testimo Haalan: ouch
[2009/06/23 13:21] Master Deakins: boy can you move ur foot?
[2009/06/23 13:22] Rio Paulino: here is your candy back
[2009/06/23 13:22] Rio Paulino hands tteso some candy
[2009/06/23 13:22] Testimo wiggles his toes.
[2009/06/23 13:22] Rio Paulino: in case you hurt the other ankle
[2009/06/23 13:22] Master Deakins: ah thats nice
[2009/06/23 13:22] Testimo Haalan grimaces but says "Yes, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:22] Chat Range: Rod Bigboots [19m]
[2009/06/23 13:22] Rio Paulino gave you RP Hard Candy for Good Slaves.
[2009/06/23 13:23] Master Deakins: now try to move your feet, not your toes
[2009/06/23 13:23] Chat Range: Mats Humby [18m]
[2009/06/23 13:23] Rio Paulino: ((cardiologist examining an ankle? THERE'S a joke!!))
[2009/06/23 13:23] Testimo Haalan takes the candy from his protector and quickly stuffs it into his mouth with a big grin in spite of the pain in his foot
[2009/06/23 13:23] Master Deakins looks to his man
[2009/06/23 13:24] Master Deakins: whipe that grins from your face Rio
[2009/06/23 13:24] Mats Humby: Tal all
[2009/06/23 13:24] Master Deakins: Tal Dr Mats
[2009/06/23 13:24] Rio Paulino: TAL Mats!
[2009/06/23 13:24] Rod Bigboots: Tal Mats
[2009/06/23 13:24] Master Deakins: i see u can move it
[2009/06/23 13:24] Master Deakins turns the foot a bit
[2009/06/23 13:24] Testimo Haalan tries to raise up from the table and down to his knees in reflex to greet the other Master
[2009/06/23 13:24] Master Deakins: does it hurt?
[2009/06/23 13:24] Chat Range: Island Projects [18m]
[2009/06/23 13:24] Island Projects: tal Mats
[2009/06/23 13:25] Mats Humby: Tal
[2009/06/23 13:25] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master
[2009/06/23 13:25] Rio Paulino pats the boys hand
[2009/06/23 13:25] Island Projects looks over to the boy
[2009/06/23 13:25] Island Projects: hows the boy doing
[2009/06/23 13:25] Master Deakins puts your foot back on the table
[2009/06/23 13:25] Testimo Haalan feels a bit nervous with all the Master's around him, while he's laying
[2009/06/23 13:25] Rio Paulino: WOLF!!!!!
[2009/06/23 13:25] Testimo Haalan: eeeks
[2009/06/23 13:25] Master Deakins: boy i think it is not broken
[2009/06/23 13:25] Island Projects: well... my my
[2009/06/23 13:26] Island Projects: Tal Rio
[2009/06/23 13:26] Testimo Haalan: that's good news, my Lord
[2009/06/23 13:26] Master Deakins: i shall place herbs and a wet dandage
[2009/06/23 13:26] Master Deakins takes some herbs
[2009/06/23 13:27] Testimo Haalan whispers to the healer "Master? about the injection... as I'm here anyways..... does it hurt much?"
[2009/06/23 13:27] Master Deakins puts the herbs on your ankle and starts to plave the bandage
[2009/06/23 13:27] Testimo Haalan sighs relieved as he feels the cooling bandages around his ankles
[2009/06/23 13:28] Master Deakins: you have to rest a few days
[2009/06/23 13:28] Master Deakins: and not climbing trees
[2009/06/23 13:29] Master Deakins: okayyyy
[2009/06/23 13:29] Testimo Haalan takes a deep breath "Yes, Master", considering if he should mention, that he was climbing around in the wasted thief's castle ruines too
[2009/06/23 13:29] Marin Urdaneta: Tal ...what happend
[2009/06/23 13:29] Master Deakins smiles
[2009/06/23 13:30] Master Deakins: okay it is perfect
[2009/06/23 13:30] Master Deakins: i shall give you herbs so u can make tea against the pain
[2009/06/23 13:31] Master Deakins: i shall give you crutches boy
[2009/06/23 13:31] Master Deakins: let me take them
[2009/06/23 13:31] Chat Range: Rod Bigboots [19m]
[2009/06/23 13:31] Master Deakins walks to the corner of the room and takes 2 crutches
[2009/06/23 13:31] Master Deakins: have u ever walked with crutches before?
[2009/06/23 13:31] Testimo Haalan stands up from the exam-table and slides to his knees, his silks moving in the breeze. on his knees he adjusts his silks "ohhh, Master... I don't... think that's necessary..."
[2009/06/23 13:32] Master Deakins: i do think it is necessary boy
[2009/06/23 13:32] Master Deakins hands the crutches to the boy
[2009/06/23 13:32] Chat Range: Mathieu Ansar [16m]
[2009/06/23 13:32] Master Deakins: let me help you
[2009/06/23 13:33] Testimo Haalan blushes embarrassed to bother the Master's so much as he's only a stupid kajirus
[2009/06/23 13:33] Master Deakins gave you Crutch OZ Right Large w/ ao.
[2009/06/23 13:33] Master Deakins: let me help u standing
[2009/06/23 13:33] Crutch OZ Right Large w/ ao: 2876 bytes free
[2009/06/23 13:33] Master Deakins adjusts the crutches on the righ heigth
[2009/06/23 13:33] Chat Range: Mewen Nemeth [16m]
[2009/06/23 13:33] Master Deakins: now try to walk
[2009/06/23 13:34] Master Deakins: i will see u wont fal
[2009/06/23 13:34] Testimo Haalan tries to take a step with the crutches and falls over on his face with a loud bang
[2009/06/23 13:34] Master Deakins places the boy back on his feet
[2009/06/23 13:34] Master Deakins: i lol
[2009/06/23 13:34] Testimo Haalan: ooomph
[2009/06/23 13:35] Master Deakins: i will hold your arm
[2009/06/23 13:35] Master Deakins: try again
[2009/06/23 13:35] Chat Range: Mathieu Ansar [15m]
[2009/06/23 13:35] Master Deakins: good
[2009/06/23 13:35] Testimo Haalan: ah, better
[2009/06/23 13:35] Testimo Haalan: thank you, Master
[2009/06/23 13:35] Master Deakins: you are not that stupid boy
[2009/06/23 13:36] Rio Paulino watches the boy stumping back and to on his crutches
[2009/06/23 13:36] Master Deakins: 3 days crutches !
[2009/06/23 13:36] Testimo Haalan: no, not THAT stupid, Master, but... *sighs*
[2009/06/23 13:36] Island Projects watches the boy
[2009/06/23 13:36] Rio Paulino: shouldn;t he use the GOOD ankle and lift th bad one?
[2009/06/23 13:37] Master Deakins: ssshhh
[2009/06/23 13:37] Testimo Haalan: ((hehe - thought so too...))
[2009/06/23 13:37] Island Projects chuckles
[2009/06/23 13:38] Master Deakins: it is obvious nothing is broken
[2009/06/23 13:38] Island Projects: ...LMAO...
[2009/06/23 13:38] Master Deakins: are you realy fallen boy?
[2009/06/23 13:38] Testimo Haalan hops around with the crutches, obviously enjoying it
[2009/06/23 13:38] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master. Fallen from a treehouse
[2009/06/23 13:39] Master Deakins: aha
[2009/06/23 13:39] Testimo hops from one foot to the other nervously.
[2009/06/23 13:39] Testimo Haalan cringes as he hops
[2009/06/23 13:40] Master Deakins: it will be nice to see you next days like this
[2009/06/23 13:40] Chat Range: Rod Bigboots [17m]
[2009/06/23 13:40] Testimo Haalan: it was over in a region in the south..." - points with the crutch to the west "...., Master. Never been there"
[2009/06/23 13:40] Rio Paulino: and big plans for building?
[2009/06/23 13:40] Rod Bigboots notices the boys crutches "oh the poor little one"
[2009/06/23 13:41] Rio Paulino: oh yes i read a note form mats about i
[2009/06/23 13:41] Master Deakins: if you can walk again we will go together to that place
[2009/06/23 13:41] Testimo Haalan turns to the other sabre of ST, as he talks to him, looses balance in the turn and lands on his butt
[2009/06/23 13:42] Master Deakins: boy what are you doing
[2009/06/23 13:42] Testimo Haalan: ouch
[2009/06/23 13:42] Master Deakins: you have to be carefull or you willneed wheelchair
[2009/06/23 13:42] Testimo Haalan gets up again, silently swearing
[2009/06/23 13:42] Rod Bigboots leans over and reaches out to help the boy get up
[2009/06/23 13:43] Testimo Haalan smiles at the helping saber "Thank you, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:43] Master Deakins: Guys i have to go to ST with Sir Milo
[2009/06/23 13:43] Rio Paulino: jes wuoldn;t make a mistake like that
[2009/06/23 13:43] Rod Bigboots smiles back "your are welcome little one, now do be careful"
[2009/06/23 13:43] Rio Paulino: ok
[2009/06/23 13:43] Rod Bigboots: safe paths Sirs
[2009/06/23 13:43] Rod Bigboots: be well little one
[2009/06/23 13:44] Master Deakins: do i see you later on Rio?
[2009/06/23 13:44] Rio Paulino: yes of course
[2009/06/23 13:44] Master Deakins: okay
[2009/06/23 13:44] Rio Paulino: call me when you have finished with milo
[2009/06/23 13:44] Master Deakins: boy becarefull !
[2009/06/23 13:44] Master Deakins: be well guys
[2009/06/23 13:44] Rio Paulino: yes i bet he will
[2009/06/23 13:44] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master. Safe paths, Masters
[2009/06/23 13:44] Island Projects: take care Leo
[2009/06/23 13:44] Island Projects: be safe boy!
[2009/06/23 13:44] Rio Paulino: see yu later leo
[2009/06/23 13:45] Testimo Haalan: I'll limp back to our home and take a rest. Wish you well, Masters
[2009/06/23 13:45] Rio Paulino: i suppose i beet go see if i am needed
[2009/06/23 13:45] Rio Paulino: ok teso
[2009/06/23 13:45] Rio Paulino: see yuo later maybe
[2009/06/23 13:45] alarm - bell v1.0 shouts: ALARM!!! RAIDERS!!! ALARM!!!
[2009/06/23 13:45] Rio Paulino: give my love t your master when you see him
[2009/06/23 13:45] Testimo Haalan limps backwards against the pole and hits his head
[2009/06/23 13:46] Rio Paulino: and your masters partner
[2009/06/23 13:46] Island Projects: Umm the boy best wait
[2009/06/23 13:46] Rio Paulino: and yur masters partners boy
[2009/06/23 13:46] Rio Paulino rolls his eyes up in desair at the boy
[2009/06/23 13:46] Island Projects: he cant run to fast seems to be some issues outside
[2009/06/23 13:46] Testimo Haalan: and my Master's other boy too, Master?
[2009/06/23 13:46] Rio Paulino: you are not safe to be let out alone teso
[2009/06/23 13:46] Island Projects: aye best wait a few
[2009/06/23 13:46] Testimo Haalan grins "Oh, I have my crutches now, Master"
[2009/06/23 13:46] Rio Paulino: yes i was interrupted by you banging your head!
[2009/06/23 13:47] Island Projects: he would be easy capture atm
[2009/06/23 13:47] Rio Paulino: they would be unwise
[2009/06/23 13:47] Rio Paulino: he is a handfu
[2009/06/23 13:47] Testimo Haalan: oh, who wants a one legged kajirus, Master?
[2009/06/23 13:47] Island Projects: ahh better go help Rio
[2009/06/23 13:48] Rio Paulino: well you have a largs central leg that makes up for th duff one boy
[2009/06/23 13:48] Rio Paulino: lest go see what the thieves are up to
[2009/06/23 13:48] Rio Paulino: sorry must go
[2009/06/23 13:48] alarm - bell v1.0 shouts: ALARM!!! RAIDERS!!! ALARM!!!
[2009/06/23 13:48] Testimo Haalan: of course, Master
[2009/06/23 13:48] Rio Paulino: stay in here boy if yu cant manage
[2009/06/23 13:48] Island Projects: I keep eye on boy really not up to fighting
[2009/06/23 13:48] Rio Paulino: i willt ake you honme later
[2009/06/23 13:49] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master
[2009/06/23 13:49] Rio Paulino: draw
[2009/06/23 13:49] Island Projects: be safe call if need a trade :)
[2009/06/23 13:49] Testimo Haalan: safe paths, Master
[2009/06/23 13:49] Close Range: Rio Paulino [28m]
[2009/06/23 13:49] Long Range: Rio Paulino [44m]
[2009/06/23 13:50] Island Projects: might want to just sit for a bit
[2009/06/23 13:50] Island Projects smiles to him
[2009/06/23 13:50] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master
[2009/06/23 13:50] Testimo Haalan: please forgive me for not kneeling
[2009/06/23 13:50] Island Projects: no no its fine
[2009/06/23 13:51] Testimo Haalan swings his healthy foot
[2009/06/23 13:51] Island Projects smiles to him
[2009/06/23 13:51] Testimo Haalan: may I ask if you are the builder of Tabor, Master?
[2009/06/23 13:52] Island Projects: yes I am
[2009/06/23 13:52] Island Projects: and your name lilone
[2009/06/23 13:52] Testimo Haalan: I'm called Teso, Master
[2009/06/23 13:52] Island Projects smiles at him
[2009/06/23 13:52] Island Projects: I am known as Wolf
[2009/06/23 13:53] Testimo Haalan: my Masters are the slaver of ST and his FC, the Magistrat of ST
[2009/06/23 13:53] Testimo Haalan: nice to meet you, Master
[2009/06/23 13:53] Island Projects: ahh very nice, I know them
[2009/06/23 13:53] Testimo Haalan: you're not fighting, Master?
[2009/06/23 13:54] Island Projects: (( ooc I have things going on in back ground rl))
[2009/06/23 13:54] Testimo Haalan pricks his ears, the battle noise stopped and his heart beat calms down
[2009/06/23 13:55] Testimo Haalan: we have a wolf as pet, Master. is called 'Fenrir'
[2009/06/23 13:55] Island Projects: ohhh?
[2009/06/23 13:56] Island Projects: how odd as most would never be captive
[2009/06/23 13:56] Testimo Haalan: nice animal, but... well... it's always up to us boys to clean the walkways from his poo *sighs*
[2009/06/23 13:56] Island Projects chuckles
[2009/06/23 13:56] Testimo Haalan: ((it's twice - a pet, but also my bro Mick can get into a wolf-AV and go as Fenrir))
[2009/06/23 13:57] Island Projects: you know in true Goren history wolfs were not known to be fact
[2009/06/23 13:57] Island Projects: but
[2009/06/23 13:57] Testimo Haalan: my brother mick found it as puppy and raised it
[2009/06/23 13:57] Island Projects: it was never stated they werent just not seen
[2009/06/23 13:58] Testimo Haalan: I understand, Master
[2009/06/23 13:58] Island Projects: it was stated they lived deep in the woods and travelers thur the woods would feel them following them as if protecting them
[2009/06/23 13:58] Testimo Haalan: have you ever seen a Larl, Master?
[2009/06/23 13:58] Island Projects: yes as myself can take on that form
[2009/06/23 13:59] Island Projects: Avarian Wolf
[2009/06/23 14:00] Island Projects gave you Wolves/Rp Storyline.
[2009/06/23 14:00] Island Projects: its rather long but intresting
[2009/06/23 14:03] Testimo Haalan takes the book from the Master's hands and starts to read, his lips forming the words silently "...J.... a... Ja.... p... Jap... a... nnn.... - Japan! W..Wes..Weste...rrrrrr....Werster...."
[2009/06/23 14:03] Testimo Haalan takes a deep breath "May I read it later, Master?"
[2009/06/23 14:04] Island Projects: yes please do
[2009/06/23 14:04] Island Projects: Rather long book, something for later enjoyment
[2009/06/23 14:05] Testimo Haalan smiles "It will shorten the time till my Master is back from his travels. Thank you, Master!"
[2009/06/23 14:05] Island Projects: your most welcome
[2009/06/23 14:05] Island Projects: well seems things are quiet now
[2009/06/23 14:05] Testimo Haalan: I'll make sure you get it back, when I'm done with it in 1 or 2 years"
[2009/06/23 14:05] Island Projects smiles
[2009/06/23 14:05] Island Projects: ahh no need I have many copies
[2009/06/23 14:06] Island Projects: course there is more to the story itself
[2009/06/23 14:06] Island Projects: my finding my place in the Goren lands
[2009/06/23 14:06] Island Projects: but that is later for another book maybe
[2009/06/23 14:06] Testimo Haalan smiles "Yes, Master"
[2009/06/23 14:06] Island Projects smiles
[2009/06/23 14:07] Island Projects: would you like some help outside now
[2009/06/23 14:07] Testimo Haalan stretches his neck and tries to look through the windows "Do you think it's safe now, Master? Then I should try to get back to my Master's home"
[2009/06/23 14:08] Testimo Haalan: Thank you for staying with me and keeping me company, Master
[2009/06/23 14:08] Island Projects: ok maybe take back way to be safe
[2009/06/23 14:08] Testimo Haalan carefully climbs off the table
[2009/06/23 14:08] Island Projects: be well lilione
[2009/06/23 14:08] Island Projects helps him to the door
[2009/06/23 14:09] Testimo Haalan: safe paths, Master
[2009/06/23 14:09] Island Projects: maybe take the back way
[2009/06/23 14:09] Island Projects points
[2009/06/23 14:09] Testimo Haalan bends down as far as he can without losing balance
[2009/06/23 14:10] Island Projects: you ok
[2009/06/23 14:10] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master. just... leggy so to say
[2009/06/23 14:10] Island Projects: ok be careful
[2009/06/23 14:11] Testimo Haalan smiles thankfully at the Master, then limps direction to the docks

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