dear diary - the discovering of an Island (1)

After the incident last night I went to kennel in my Master's arms. But while my Master fell into a deep sleep, I just layed there with my ears on his chest and listened to his heart-beat. Still too upset about the incident with the outlaw-boy, unable to find sleep.
As I was sure, that my Master was sleeping deeply, I decided to get some fresh air, walking around a bit in the hope to get tired. I kissed my sleeping Master's soft lips, then slided out of his arm and stood up, sneaking on my tiptoes to the first floor and out the house. I didn't recognize, that my Master must have woken up from my move and called me. I didn't hear him as I opened the door and stepped out into the chilli night, shivering a bit - bare-naked in the fresh air.

Sitting on the docks, my feet playing in the water, I watched the river reflecting the three full moons of Gor. I don't know, why I got that stupid idea, as I looked at one of the boats tied to the docks and thought 'Hmmm, maybe a little tour with the boat will make me sleepy?'

Silly me got up and jumped into the boat, untied it and grabbed a paddle. I rowed out into the night, further out the the ocean.. the big Thassa-sea, not recognizing, that another boat was following me in some distance. I don't know, how long I rowed the boat, driven by my rage against the mean behaviour of those brothers that day and the inappropreate behaviour of many other slaves which don't deserve to be called "kajirus". I lost every feeling for time, leading the boat further to the west, into the night...

Suddenly I was surrounded by heavy fog, causing shivers on my sweaty body. I got a bit frightened and the next moment I was thrown back into the boat, as it surprisingly run aground. I picked myself up, looked overboard and recognized, that there was firm ground under the boat. My eyes tried to cut through the fog, as a soft breeze slowly blew away the mist and I could see the contours of a dark island. Frightend from the shadows and the unfamiliar noises around me but also driven by curiousity I carefully stepped out of the boat.
I don't know why, but I felt a strange attraction to this island, thinking how beautiful, peaceful and dangerous it seemed at the same time, shimmering under the light of the three moons of Gor.
I followed a dark, overgrown path. noticing that no human being have walked there for hundreds of years. I took some steps into that path, suddenly stopped as I thought I heard a growl behind me. I pricked my ears, stood still, listening into the night. My hand reached for my rocks in the pouch, but all I could hear was the mumbling of a nearby river and the insects singing their nightsong.
Following the path deeper into the jungle I recognized the sounds of the river coming from deeper. - Without noticing it, the path must have lead me up a hill. Suddenly I heard the brawl of a waterfall and found an old bridge leading over a deep, black decent. I tested it, setting a foot on it, considering if it would withstand my weight, as I suddenly heard the crack of a twig behind me. Spinning around I stared into the darkness, but couldn't see anything. I felt my hard beating faster. And then.... a dark shadow coming closer. I hold my breath and slowly stepped backwards onto the bridge.... pace by pace ... my heart beating faster. As the shadow came closer I finally turned around and ran over the bridge, praying to the priest kings, that it will withstand my weight.
I felt the movement behind me, the bridge creaking under the heavy weight of another body behind me. I heard a deep growl, coming closer, but finally reached the other side of the bridge and found a ladder. Without thinking I climbed down into the valley in the hope that whatever is following me, it couldn't climb ladders.
As I reached the ground of the valley, I recognized my mistake: I was trapped! I ran around, but there seemed to be no exit. On three sides high walls blocked my way, and on the fourth side there was open stormy sea. Impossible to swim.
I hided behind a bush, my heart beating staccato, holding my breath. I was sure, that my life will end soon and sent another silent prayer to the Priest Kings for the safety of my Masters and brothers. I heard a the sound of a heavy body falling on the ground and then I saw it! A big beast... hairy.... full of muscles under it's black fur.... looking like a wolf, but standing like a human. "A Kur!", I thought, but wasn't sure. Never saw the kurii, just heard of them. So how should I know how they look like?
The dark beast stared at me with glowing eyes. I pulled a rock out of my pouch, but I was sure, that my rocks wouldn't do much damage to this dark, big beast.
"Gssssssssshhhhhh!", I hissed, "Go away!", trying to chase the beast away, but it stared at me and came closer. I stepped back pace by pace till I felt the cold stone of the wall in my back. I tried to throw a rock, but I was trembling too much and it landed in the water. The beast growled. I tried to reach for another rock, but it slipped out my trembling fingers. Then it jumped!
I smelled it's hot breath at it was over me and attacked me. Oh, what power and strength that beast had! I tried to hit it with my fists, fighting for my life, but my small body was like a puppet in its claws. Finally I passed out, thankfully that I had not to face my death in conciousness...

But it seems it was not my time to die. I woke up as my body was shaken. For a small moment - not knowing where I am - I enjoyed warm, hairy arms holding me. Then I opened my eyes and looked up into a wolf's face. I opened my mouth to scream, but only a hoarse croak came out my throat. The beast stared down at me with his sparkling eyes, then opened it's mouth and showed me it's long, sharp teeth. I panted heavily, feeling the tight grip of the hairy beast holding me... no chance to escape.... staring into the glowing savage eyes... saw the beasts hunger. I closed my eyes, sure that the next moment I would feel those fangs at my throat.....


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