dear diary - the discovering of an Island (2)

I was in the tight grip of the beast and waited for my death, but suddenly I felt my body sliding to the ground. There I was... in the grass... facing the ground, the animal over me, pinning me to the ground with it's heavy weight. Steaming body, full of muscles. I smelled the musk scent of it's fur.. I whimpered: "Please... don't kill me.... I... I.... don't know... if you understand me....."
But the beast only growled. My whole body tensed. Then I grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. I opened my eyes and staired into its glowing eyes. It sniffled as if it could smell my fear. But something was going on behind those eyes. It was... like I could recognize a human spirit behind it. Had no time to think about it, as I was thrown back again and the beast sat on my back, pinning me to the ground again, almost taking my breath with it's heavy weight.
I felt it's muzzle in my necks. Those sharp fangs so close. The steamy breath on my skin. I waited for the deadly bite and whined "Please... don't kill me.... I... I'm sorry.... that I came on your island... please....", but then to my surprise I felt something rubbing between my cheeks, growing bigger.

I'm too ashamed to tell what happened next. I hope no one will ever know, what happened. I was the helpless victim of the animal's feral instincts. I don't know, how long the beast played with me. I thought I would loose my mind in the fear and pain I experienced. I cried, I begged, I yelled. But the most embarrassing and scaring experience was, that in spite of the pain and fear I felt a strange arousal being abused by that beast. And I had the one thought, that... maybe... if I could satisfy the beast, it would abandon killing me at the end.
I don't know, how long it gratified it's savage desires with me. My body and my mind seemed to explode in the feelings of pain, fear and big confusion. As it finally had enough of me, its big paw grabbed my neck and lifted me up easily like a puppy. Held in the beasts strong grip I took a deep breath... sure that now I was facing death. looked into the beast's eyes with a sudden pride to face my death bravely open eyed. But something seemed to happen as I looked into it's eyes, recognizing a shimmer of humanity behind it... and something strangely familiar. The beast hestitated and all of a sudden released me of it's grip. I fall to the ground as the kur or wolfman or whatever it was made an immense jump, turned around and headed into the dark.

I don't know, how long I laid there on the ground. My whole body was shaking, my ass in big pain, and I felt blood running out my butthole and down my thighs. After a while I dared to look around, searched for any sign of the beast. My brain puzzled and confused from the pain and the exitement I felt being raped by a beast.... and from that look in the beast's eye... remembering that something strange was in that look... not only a trace of humanity.... something that looked frightingly familiar, without exactly knowing, what it was. Finally I got up from the ground, moaning. I found the ladder, climbed up, over the bridge and stumbled along the path, every step causing pain in my bruised body, especially in my butt. As I crossed the river, I took a quick bath, washing the blood off and feeling the cold water soothing my sore butt a bit. Then I continued my way, the sun slowly arising on the horizone blinded me as my eyes were full of tears of pain and embarrassement.
Coming closer to the beach, blinded by the arising sun, I suddenly fall over something on the ground. I got up and turned around and gasped in surprise: There laid my Master. Unconcious. Naked. I quickly kneeled down beside him, laid my head on his chest and exhaled relieved as I felt him breath and his heard his heart beating.
"Master?!", I whispered and carefully shook his body, my eyes sliding over his skin to search for wounds. While I tried to awake him, I looked around over and over again, afraid that whatever brought my Master down could return.
Finally he moaned and opened his eyes. I beamed happily, but then frowned "What.... are you doing here, my Master?"
He tried to stand up and I gave him a helping hand. He looked tired and exhausted.
He answered: "I followed you through the night to here her and then...", then he hestitated.
"You followed me, my Master?"
"I.. I... came here... you an...and I don't...remember". He looked at me in confusion, but slowly seemed to regain his spirit and his mood changed to anger. He grabbed me by my collar and I gasped in surprise, as he roughly pulled me into his arms "Do not make that again or you will kill me, Teso", he said in a strong voice.
I stiffened a bit in my Master's hug, my body in pain and my butt hurting as I spread my legs to wrap them around my Master's hips.
"Why leave the house like that on the middle of the night!?" - I recognized his accent coming back, which always showed me, that he's upset.
I buried my face in his shoulders and mumbeled: "Yes, my Master. I'm sorry, my Master. I... I... just couldn't sleep, my Master."
"That is not a reason to come on this strange island alone! You can be kill!"
"I thought, it would be helpful to take a boat-tour and get tired, my Master. I'm sorry"
He let me out of his grip and I sank to the ground again, kneeling to his feet. I bent my head deeply to the ground "Please forgive me, my Master"
"Well do not make that again or i punish you severly!" he threatened, but I felt the sorrow in his voice.
I crouched deeper to the ground. "Yes, my Master"
I felt my Master's eyes on me. "Teso, do you have pain somewhere?"
"N.. no, my Master" I lied.
"Nadu!", he commanded and I lifted my upper body, arching my back and kneeled with spreaded legs before him, my eyes fixed to the ground at His feet.
"I am not sure you are alright... Tomorow report to Master Leo for a medical exam!", he ordered. Then looked around for a moment. "This island I feel is not sure."
"Yes, my Master", I answered, thinking of the dark beast. "Can we go home now, my Master? I think after the long journey back, I will be able to sleep, if you don't have any more chores for me."
I looked up and recognized the worried look. "You are feeling well, my Master? Maybe you should see the Master Healer too tomorrow?"
My Master looked at me with a strange, puzzled look "..huh ... yes... I am fine ... my teso, I will see for the hearler maybe... don't worry, my sunshine"

It all was a very strange situation and I don't know, what happened to my Master. If he was attacked by that beast too or something else. We rowed back to Silver Tree in silence, towards the rizing sun on the horizon. As we finally reached Silver Tree and my Masters home, we fell into bed, tired and exhausted. But for the first time I didn't feel fully comfortable in my Master's arms. I feel dirty and ashamed by the experience. And my butt still hurts and bleeds sometimes, but I can't tell anyone. I'm afraid to see the Master Healer, but it's my Master's order.

But strangely... I don't get that beast out of my mind. There was something at it... I don't know.... I have to find out!

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