Bad Roleplay

I try not to complain too much about bad RPers, though it's getting really frustrating, how many of them are around. You really don't know where to go anymore to get some good RP. Well, to be fair I changed the guy's name in this conversation. I don't want to defame him, but maybe the one or other "Gorean" reads it and it helps to get the RP better?

So, my brother Tesa and me arrived at that Gorean SIM at the same time as a Free arrived. Somehow he landed under the docks in the water and started to drown...

[16:37] Testimo Haalan looks around, hearing someone moaning
[16:37] Bad Roleplayer has entered chat range.
[16:37] Gorean Meter 2.7.7 shouts: Bad Roleplayer has reset their combat meter.
[16:38] Testimo Haalan sees a master drowning, reaches a hand in the water to help him out

{offer him TP to the safety of the docks}

[16:38] Testimo Haalan: you're well, Master?
[16:38] Tesakam Riler: greetings, Master
[16:38] Bad Roleplayer: aye lad thank you for yhe hand i can swim ..

Comment: Okay... hm, calling slaves "lads"? And if he can swim, why is he drowning? Maybe a typo? However, here's my suggestion:
Good Roleplayer climbs out of the water with the kajirus' help, coughing and panting. His blue robes oozing from the dirty dock-water, building puddles on the wooden planks. While trying to wring out his kilt he mumbles "... must have slipped...." and adds a short greeting "Tal, lil ones"

[16:39] Testimo Haalan: greetings, Master
[16:39] Bad Roleplayer: tal little ones
[16:39] Bad Roleplayer: names ?

At least here you recognize: Bad RPer, who's not in the mood to emote. - You see: Even if you IN CHARACTER might despise slaves and think they are not worthy complete sentences or spoken to at all, but to not even emote, is a despise of the other RPer BEHIND the screen. So, RP-rule # 1: Take your time for emoting!

Suggestion: Good Roleplayer - angry about his own clumsiness and the humilation of needing a slave's helping hand - shakes his wet hair, neglecting the kneeling boys and just growls a short "names?", to learn the slaves' names.

[16:39] Testimo Haalan: we heard you moaning and thought you were drowning, Master. me is called fox, this is my brother tesa
[16:40] Bad Roleplayer: tal fox al teesa
[16:40] Bad Roleplayer: what are you scamps doing in {name of the SIM}?
[16:42] Bad Roleplayer: come speak your purpose

*sigh* And here's RP-rule #2: Give others time to emote! I'm a slow typer, my emotes are long (sometimes too long, I guess) and sometimes I have to look up words in the dictionary; words like "scamp"...

[16:42] Testimo Haalan bends his head to the ground, watching the water dripping on the dock of the Master's kilt "Greetings, Master. Would you be so kind to explain the word 'scamps', Master? Never heard that before. - And we were about to visit a friend of ours who lives here, but we never been here before"
[16:42] Bad Roleplayer: end Master boy

Really: I have no idea what he tried to say with this sentence [If he means, that a slave has to end every sentence with the word "Master", then it's just bullshit. That's an onlinism and in the books slaves said 1000s of sentences not ending with the word "Master". I adressed him with "Master" in my speech and that's absolutely correct.]

[16:43] Bad Roleplayer pulls a document called 'Slave Papers' from Testimo's message holder and reads it.
[16:43] Teso's hair: **Your Teso's hair is being touched by Bad Roleplayer
[16:44] Testimo Haalan looks a bit surprised up the Master, hestitating, not sure, what he means
[16:44] Teso's hair whispers: Bad Roleplayer whaps Testimo upside the head.

Oh well... here it starts: Klicking on body-parts, clicking on paper-carriers... all without any emotes/RP. As bad as bad sex, when someone only uses the XCite-menu. (Don't get me wrong - I like the XCite stuff, but always in combination with the right and fitting emoting. An addition, not a substitute)

[16:44] Testimo Haalan: end my Master, Master?
[16:44] Bad Roleplayer: ahh you have caught the trick

No idea which trick or what he's talking of... [or maybe the - unnecessary - "trick", to end a sentence with "Master"?]

[16:44] Tesakam Riler look his brother a bit surprise bi the word of the Master
[16:46] Bad Roleplayer: pass me your papers boy
[16:46] Testimo Haalan: forgive us, Master, but we are only stupid slave boys and don't understand the erudite language of a well educated Master in blue ropes
[16:47] Testimo Haalan smiles as he finally understands, reaches for his paper-carrier, pulls out the papers and crawls a bit closer
[16:47] Bad Roleplayer: *groans quietly*

Hm, groaning? And why? Because of implying, that he's an educated scribe? Well, if someone is wearing blue from head to toe, it's valid to assume, I guess. - Or maybe, because I didn't end again the sentence with "Master"? Well, I adressed him so in the beginning, so that's absolutely correct and would have been nonsense to add it at the end of the sentence also.

[16:47] Bad Roleplayer: Aye lad
[16:48] Bad Roleplayer: Youre City provenance and history ...
[16:48] Tesakam Riler take his paper out his paper holder and take out his paper, get closer to the Master, giving them to the Master
[16:48] Testimo Haalan bends his head deeply and hands the Master in blue his papers
[16:48] Tesakam Riler pulls a document called 'Slave Papers' from Tesakam's message holder and reads it.
[16:48] Close Range: The Administrator [30m]
[16:48] Chat Range: The Administrator [19m]

{The Administrator comes closer at this point. Recognizable as Administrator or maybe Ubar for his violet cloak, he's wearing}

[16:48] Bad Roleplayer: takes the papers and examinies them carefully
[16:49] Testimo Haalan: we followed our Masters to a strange island....
[16:49] The Administrator: Tal, Sir
[16:49] Bad Roleplayer: XY !!!!
[16:49] The Administrator: greetings boys
[16:49] Testimo Haalan moves a little as another Master arrives
[16:49] Testimo Haalan: greetings, Master
[16:49] Tesakam Riler: greetings, Master
[16:50] Bad Roleplayer: How are you Afministrator ??
[16:50] The Administrator: I am well
[16:50] The Administrator: who are these boys?
[16:50] Testimo Haalan bends his head again to the new arrived Master
[16:51] Tesakam Riler bend his head like his brother do
[16:52] Bad Roleplayer: i know not but that little one pulled me from the dock
[16:52] Testimo Haalan - unsure who was asked - keeps his mouth shut for the moment
[16:52] The Administrator: hmmmmm
[16:53] The Administrator: they do seem to be quite the pair
[16:53] Teso's hair: **Your Teso's hair is being touched by Bad Roleplayer
[16:53] Teso's hair whispers: Bad Roleplayer pets Testimo on the head. Good boy!

And here we go again - touching, clicking, no emoting...

[16:53] Testimo Haalan smiles as the Master scribe pets his hair
[16:54] The Administrator pulls a document called 'Slave Papers' from Testimo's message holder and reads it.

And again: No emoting, no RP, just clicking on the paper-holder. As it was in RP, that the Bad Roleplayer was still holding the papers in RP, I would have suggested:
Good Roleplayer finishes reading the papers, hands them to the Administrator and answers "Boys from Silver Tree"

[16:54] Bad Roleplayer: lads of silverstree
[16:54] The Administrator pulls a document called 'Slave Papers' from Tesakam's message holder and reads it.
[16:55] The Administrator takes their papers from their legs and looks them over

Ah, finally an emote. Thanks! I'd like to suggest a small formality: Emote first, click then.

[16:56] Bad Roleplayer whispers: resrtricted slaves
[16:56] The Administrator: ahhh
[16:56] The Administrator: from silver tree
[16:56] The Administrator: I suppose you know my good frind Rio
[16:56] The Administrator: ?
[16:56] Bad Roleplayer: alliess my admin?

Just a quick note: "Administrator" is a title on Gor. I don't think anyone would shorten it with "admin". But anyways....

[16:56] The Administrator looks at the boys
[16:56] The Administrator: no....but not enemies
[16:56] Testimo Haalan: yes, Master. The first sword of ST is my protector
[16:57] Bad Roleplayer: who owns you boy ? it is not clear ...

Not clear after he did read the slave-papers?

[16:58] Tesakam Riler: our Masters names are in our paper Master
[16:58] Testimo Haalan: our Masters are Free Companions,
[16:58] The Administrator: they are owned by the magistrate and slaver os silvertree, Sir
[16:58] The Administrator: of*
[16:59] Testimo Haalan beams up to the Master in the Ubar's rope and beams "Yes, Master"
[16:59] Testimo Haalan: *robe

My fault: two times "beamed" and always confusing "robe" and "rope". *heh* Freudian slip...

[16:59] The Administrator nods
[17:00] Bad Roleplayer: not an ubatr bot an administrator. a far more honourable position
[17:00] The Administrator smiles
[17:00] Bad Roleplayer: he does not encompass war

Hm, that was a open speach comment to a emoting. As worse as reading mind. However, to my knowledge, the violet cloak is the color of an Ubar, while an administrator was wearing brown and very humble. But I may be wrong...
{"one wore the brown robes of the Administrator of a City, the humblest robes in the city" Assassins of Gor}

[17:01] Testimo Haalan: ((that's an information I would only know from tag. sorry. purple is Ubar's clothes, no?))
[17:01] Bad Roleplayer: ((only in one book purple ))
[17:02] Bad Roleplayer: ((and a slave you wait till your told who masters are ))
[17:02] Bad Roleplayer: ((you presumed on my blue lol)))

Okay, and here the OOC started. Why do people always confuse their role IC and OOC? He has not to tell me as RPer, what I have to wait for "as a slave". Especially not, when HE is wrong! But maybe it was all a problem of language-barrier. Most of the time we really were not sure, what he was talking about. However to his comment: 1. He is wearing blue. So he is scribe. 2. The other was wearing the colors of the leader, so he is Ubar or Administrator. 3. HE himself called the other one "Administrator". So of course we could know.

[17:03] Testimo Haalan: ((sorry, but in OOC I'm not a slave))
[17:03] Bad Roleplayer: ((fair enogh))
[17:03] The Administrator smiles
[17:04] Testimo Haalan looks at the two Masters, insecure, if he's expected to explain their presence or if they have more important things to talk about

Trying to avoid more OOC and going back to RP at this point.

[17:04] Bad Roleplayer: ((just advisinfg he he tell me to piss off ))
[17:04] Testimo Haalan: ((huh?))
[17:05] Tesakam Riler: ((huh, what ??))

No idea, what he's talking about. It seems like an OOC-insult, but lets give him the benefit, that he just has problems with the language... However, after this we had lost ANY interest to give the SIM a closer visit.

[17:05] The Administrator: you may pass boys
[17:06] The Administrator: you are granted safe passage here
[17:07] Testimo Haalan: Thank you, Master." - turns to his brother - "We better take a ship back and visit brother misha another time, my brother?"
[17:07] The Administrator: oh, Misha.....
[17:07] The Administrator: he is on the next island
[17:07] The Administrator smiles
[17:07] Tesakam Riler look his brother and nods
[17:08] Tesakam Riler: thank you Master
[17:08] Testimo Haalan: thank you, Master" - crawls a few paces back "I wish you safe paths, Masters"
[17:09] Bad Roleplayer: tal little ones visit again
[17:09] Tesakam Riler: safe paths Masters
[17:09] The Administrator: safe paths
[17:09] Close Range: The Administrator [25m]
[17:09] Testimo Haalan jumps in a boat, opens his mouth to show the captain the coins his Master had left under his tongue for the passage
[17:10] Tesakam Riler follow his brother embarque in the boat
[17:10] Bad Roleplayer: touching coins !!!111

And a last faux-pas at the end. No reason to complain about slaves "touching" coins. 1. I was not touching it, I was wearing it in my mouth under my tongue, where my Master left it. That is one of the common and appropreate ways for a kajirus to carry money. 2. A slave IS allowed to touch money, if his Master gives him the permission. However of course he never OWNS it.

After this we jumped into the boat and went back to our little wild island. Very frustrated.

One more RP-rule: If you are not in the mood to RP or busy to do something else, then just keep it short and don't waste other players times. Next time I suggest this:

Testimo Haalan looks around, hearing someone moaning
Roleplayer has entered chat range.
Gorean Meter 2.7.7 shouts: Roleplayer has reset their combat meter.
Testimo Haalan sees a master drowning, reaches a hand in the water to help him out
Testimo Haalan: you're well, Master?
Tesakam Riler: greetings, Master
Roleplayer: aye lad thank you for yhe hand i can swim ..
Roleplayer wrings out his wet clothes, nods quickly to the boys and heads towards the city.
- finish -


Misha said...

was the dude drunk on paga?

Testimo said...

hmmm, that would explain almost everything!