Dear Diary....

It's early morning hour. Blue hour. The island bathes in dark blue light in those minutes before the sun arises. Can't sleep and so I'm guarding my Master's sleep, keeping his body warm with mine, which isn't easy to write at the same time and to fight the arousal his proximity causes in me.

We had some busy weeks behind us. For some reasons our Masters left Silver Tree and I showed them the island I once discovered. Here we found a shelter. I feel a little nervous here, remembering very well that animal or Kur or whatever it was that hunted me down on my very first visit. Have not seen it since, but I'm sure it lurks somewhere out there in the darkness. But in the night we're safe here in the kennel.

On our arrival on this island - our Masters named it "Isle of Tidra" - we started to explore it. And we found a cave that looks inhabited. My first impression, that there are no human beings on this island was wrong. I saw them! Although... I'm not so sure, if they are human beings. They walk and talk like humans, but some of them have tails and ears like animals...It's very strange and I'm a bit scared. Though they seem to be very shy and avoid us, I sometimes see them from the corners of my eyes hiding behind bushes or rocks and observing us. I think they are not happy that we occupied the cave which seems to be theirs. But our Masters built a strong wooden door with an even stronger beam in one of the inner caves which we made our kennel. So we are safe at night, I hope. We were very busy exploring the island. It's beautiful and dangerous. I can't tell how often I've been bitten by snakes, spiders and other animals!

I often see the Masters sitting together and whispering. They know much more then little Teso... or "Fox" how my Master likes to call me now. I overheard words like "...Dark Lord..." and "...following the Dark Path..." as well as something about the Black Caste... - All that frightens me a bit, whereas my brothers are very exited of the new life.

Oh, my brothers.... So beautiful and loving and caring! Two days ago I asked my brother Tesa to become my companion. Yes, I know... a slave and companion? Impossible! Well, we keep it secret. Our Masters better never know about it!
It was the day, when our Master's granted us a day off work, generous as they are. So Tesa and me decided to take a boat and paddle the long way to the new place of brother Misha. But as we arrived there - exhausted from the long journey - a strange Master frightened us a bit. For heaven's sake they didn't know, that our Masters are no longer Head-Slaver and Magistrate of Silver Tree. So finally, although we were granted safe paths through the city, we prefered to return home to the safety of our island...

Well, I feel the sleep coming. It's time to cuddle closer to my beloved Master and warm him more. One of my most favorite tasks...

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