Dear diary...

As I returned from hard days work to the safety kennel last night, I found a note from my Master. He had to bring my brother Wolf to the mainland for some reason. The note was scratched hastily and I worried a bit. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to promenade through the temple-ruins a bit, and then go to the beach, getting some fresh air and collecting shells for a new loincloth with which I wanted to surprise my Master. Although the Masters had warned me about the tribe, I was not nervous. As far as I understood, they are unarmed, and I had my bow and my rocks with me.
Approaching the beach I saw a shape in close distance. A cute blond boy, just some ropes with shells around his hips... like those I wanted to make to surprise my Master. I carefully stepped closer not to scare him....

{...too lazy to tell the whole short-story, so read yourself, especially as I know, that some are interested in the emotes}

[2009/09/18 17:46] Testimo Haalan jumps around whistling and humming, exploring the island, as he suddenly recognizes one of the savage boy's his Masters and brothers mentioned
[2009/09/18 17:46] Xaxat Sabretooth looks up cautiously.
[2009/09/18 17:46] Testimo Haalan bends his head lightly, looking at the boy, squatting down
[2009/09/18 17:47] Xaxat Sabretooth thinks this one... does not seem as dangerous...
[2009/09/18 17:47] Testimo Haalan tries a shy smile to not scare the boy
[2009/09/18 17:47] Xaxat Sabretooth picks a deep red flower and holds it out.
[2009/09/18 17:47] Xaxat Sabretooth: /pointyou
[2009/09/18 17:47] Testimo Haalan with a soft voice "greetings, brother"
[2009/09/18 17:47] Xaxat Sabretooth: greetings... brother.
[2009/09/18 17:48] Testimo Haalan carefully steps a bit closer as he sees the savage picking a flower and reaching it to him
[2009/09/18 17:48] Xaxat Sabretooth feels something melt in him with the warmth of the boy's voice... and he can understand the words of this language
[2009/09/18 17:49] Testimo Haalan reaches in his rock-pouch.... slowly to not scare the boy.... his fingers searching for one of his beloved candies between all the rocks
[2009/09/18 17:49] Xaxat Sabretooth points to his chest. "Me Xaxat." he offers the flower. "You...." he thinnks.. "You nice."
[2009/09/18 17:49] Testimo Haalan finds one of the rare candies, not knowing when he ever will get candy again.... takes it out and shows it to the boy
[2009/09/18 17:50] Xaxat Sabretooth looks at the small pebble, sniffing it.
[2009/09/18 17:50] Testimo Haalan smiles and nods "me nice. me fox"
[2009/09/18 17:50] Xaxat Sabretooth: you.. you are nice fox
[2009/09/18 17:50] Testimo Haalan crawls a bit closer
[2009/09/18 17:50] Testimo Haalan places the candy close to the boy's feet and crawls back
[2009/09/18 17:50] Xaxat Sabretooth bends to pick up the candy
[2009/09/18 17:51] Xaxat Sabretooth bend to pick up the colorful pebble. He sniffis it... sweet.. like a brother's kiss
[2009/09/18 17:52] Testimo Haalan kneels very still to not scare the cute savage, while the boy grabs the candy
[2009/09/18 17:52] Xaxat Sabretooth accepted your inventory offer.
[2009/09/18 17:53] Testimo Haalan smiles "good?"
[2009/09/18 17:53] Xaxat Sabretooth licks it gently
[2009/09/18 17:53] Xaxat Sabretooth: Good.. Good like fox
[2009/09/18 17:53] Testimo Haalan: it's candy. cannnnnn-deeeee
[2009/09/18 17:53] Xaxat Sabretooth: cannnnndeeeee!
[2009/09/18 17:53] Testimo Haalan nods happily
[2009/09/18 17:54] Testimo Haalan: you Xa'xat?
[2009/09/18 17:54] Testimo Haalan: Xaxat. Fox. Fox. Xaxat. Foxaxat! *giggles*
[2009/09/18 17:55] Xaxat Sabretooth: me Xaxat! You fox!
[2009/09/18 17:55] Xaxat Sabretooth: Xaxat and fox nice like candy.
[2009/09/18 17:55] Xaxat Sabretooth takes candeee into his mouth and sucks it.
[2009/09/18 17:55] Testimo Haalan recognizes the whip-marks on the boy's chest and frowns a bit
[2009/09/18 17:56] Xaxat Sabretooth crawls close and curls up at the new boy's feet.
[2009/09/18 17:56] Xaxat Sabretooth: xaxat bad. Franze hurt Xaxat. Make Xaxat good.
[2009/09/18 17:57] Testimo Haalan looks down to his belt, reaches in the belt-pouches and looks for some special leaves he had collected. he takes the two of them and puts it into his mouth to chew a while on it
[2009/09/18 17:57] Xaxat Sabretooth watches careully, not recognizing these leaves formthe island.
[2009/09/18 17:58] Testimo Haalan spits a green mass into his open hand and reach his hand out, points with his other hand at his own chest, slides his finger along it at the same spots where the boy's whip-marks are, then makes some rubbing movements
[2009/09/18 17:59] Testimo Haalan slowly "medicine. good! nice! healing!" and lifts his outstretched hand encouraging
[2009/09/18 17:59] Xaxat Sabretooth tries to figure out this.. moving his fingers across his marks
[2009/09/18 17:59] Xaxat Sabretooth walks closer
[2009/09/18 18:00] Testimo Haalan gently reaches his free hand for the boy's belt to pull him down to the ground next to him
[2009/09/18 18:00] Xaxat Sabretooth relaxes
[2009/09/18 18:01] Testimo Haalan softly touches the boy's chest with the green leavy mess, carefully rubbing it into the bruises and marks
[2009/09/18 18:01] Xaxat Sabretooth moans softly
[2009/09/18 18:02] Testimo Haalan gently touches Xaxat's nipple.
[2009/09/18 18:02] Xaxat Sabretooth leans into the touch.
[2009/09/18 18:02] Testimo Haalan while treating the marks looks up into the savage boy's face "Xaxat sad?"
[2009/09/18 18:04] Xaxat Sabretooth feels his worres melt away with the soothing touch.
[2009/09/18 18:04] Testimo Haalan humms soothing, while he gently rubs the chewed leaves into the wounds
[2009/09/18 18:04] Testimo Haalan gently touches Xaxat's nipple.
[2009/09/18 18:04] Xaxat smiles.
[2009/09/18 18:04] Xaxat Sabretooth feels the gentle touch.. so diferetne from the other manbeasts.
[2009/09/18 18:05] Testimo Haalan finally finishes treating the wounds, cleans his hand at his thigh
[2009/09/18 18:06] Testimo Haalan sighs. "Fox must go now" Points at himself, makes with two fingers walking movements and points up to the cave on the hill
[2009/09/18 18:06] Xaxat Sabretooth: fox nice. fox go.. xaxat sad
[2009/09/18 18:07] Xaxat Sabretooth touches fox's chest.
[2009/09/18 18:07] Testimo Haalan: "Fox tired." - shows an exeggerated yawn "Fox sleep" Makes the intergalactical sign for sleep with his hands on his ears
[2009/09/18 18:07] Xaxat Sabretooth purrs
[2009/09/18 18:07] Xaxat Sabretooth waps his arms arond fox.
[2009/09/18 18:07] Testimo Haalan: Fox much work tomorrow
[2009/09/18 18:07] Xaxat Sabretooth: fox sleep nice
[2009/09/18 18:08] Testimo Haalan smiles surprised as the boy hugs him
[2009/09/18 18:08] Xaxat Sabretooth slowly traces the tip of their hot wet tongue over Testimo's sweet mouth.
[2009/09/18 18:08] Testimo Haalan purrs like a cat
[2009/09/18 18:08] Testimo Haalan: Mmmmmmmm
[2009/09/18 18:08] Testimo Haalan gently kisses the savage boy, then moves a bit back
[2009/09/18 18:08] Xaxat Sabretooth mimes sleep. Fox sleep well.
[2009/09/18 18:09] Xaxat Sabretooth blows a kiss
[2009/09/18 18:09] Testimo Haalan: if Fox not sleep, Master whips fox" - makes a sign like whipping
[2009/09/18 18:09] Testimo Haalan slowly stands up
[2009/09/18 18:10] Xaxat Sabretooth opens his arms
[2009/09/18 18:10] Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe: Xaxat Sabretooth invited you to a couple animation, choose 'yes' to accept
[2009/09/18 18:10] Testimo Haalan: Mmmmmmmm
[2009/09/18 18:10] Xaxat Sabretooth: mmmmm... happy sleep fox
[2009/09/18 18:11] Testimo Haalan kisses the boy's head "Fox see Xaxat again."
[2009/09/18 18:11] Testimo Haalan waves
[2009/09/18 18:11] Xaxat Sabretooth feels he has know the boy a very long time.
[2009/09/18 18:11] Xaxat Sabretooth waves
[2009/09/18 18:11] Testimo Haalan: fox sleep now
[2009/09/18 18:12] Testimo Haalan quickly runs back to the cave to get some sleep, worrying about his Master and his chainbrother

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