Sad days

I'm at the wonderful city of Schendi at the moment. My Masters sent me there to escape from the desease spreading all over the Isle of Tidra after the flood. I miss my Master and my brothers, worrying a lot as they are ill. But also worry about my twin, who seems to be very down and depressed after the flood. But at least I met brother Misha at Schendi, who offered me to sleep in his prince-bed, which was a very nice offer. But as I saw him with his Master happy dancing, I gave them some privacy and slept on the hard rocks of the beach there in Schendi. I also lost a bit orientation in the Port of Schendi. So many gates and stairs... Fox isn't used to cities like this.

My brother Wolf sent me a letter, that he started to write his diary again. Mmmm, sweet wild Wolf. I miss him!

I really hope, I can return to our island soon, though I love the comfort of civilization more then my Masters and my brothers.

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Misha said...

ha ha, i was dancing because i was bored. my Master was putting on outfits which can take hours. lol