Return to the Isle

Yesterday I got the call to return to the Island. But on my way from Schendi to Tidra I visited Silver Tree of Tabor. I heard rumours, that my Protector Rio Paulino was dead. Very happy I found him well and alive. Had a strange encounter with a Mistress there at the docks... Talked a little with my protector, but he was very busy. After a while to my surprise my brother Mick came to get me back on the island and to tell me, that my Master had to leave for a dangerous mission.
We invited my Protector to look at the Isle of Tidra. My brother and my Master's companion did a good work cleaning up the mess after the flood and the earthquake, but some trees are still uprooted. We showed Master Rio around, but my little brother became too tired, so we finally layed down at the lake, protected by Fenrir, our wolf, tired from the long journey, but finally BACK HOME!


[2009/10/13 15:09] Teleport completed from Port of Schendi
[2009/10/13 15:09] Chat Range: Bad Roleplayer [1m]
[2009/10/13 15:09] Entered SilverTree of Tabor
[2009/10/13 15:10] Testimo Haalan: greetings, Mistress
[2009/10/13 15:10] Bad Roleplayer: nidan boy
[2009/10/13 15:10] Bad Roleplayer: you have somethings... inside your head?...
[2009/10/13 15:11] Bad Roleplayer: ((lol was the rez, now you are normal))
[2009/10/13 15:11] Bad Roleplayer: this is silver tree?
[2009/10/13 15:11] Testimo Haalan spits out the grass stalk "Oh, I forgot, that I was chewing on it, Mistress. - Yes, this is Silver Tree"
[2009/10/13 15:11] Bad Roleplayer: mh
[2009/10/13 15:12] Bad Roleplayer: do you know the ubar's name of this place?
[2009/10/13 15:12] Bad Roleplayer: mh you are a little slow to give answer, boy

And there it already is! I repeat it again: If you want good RP, then - Jesus Christ! - take your time for emotes and grant it to others!!!

[2009/10/13 15:12] Testimo Haalan: there is no Ubar, Mistress. It's half independent, but under administration of the city of Tabor. But it has a Lord...
[2009/10/13 15:13] Bad Roleplayer smiles
[2009/10/13 15:13] Bad Roleplayer: understood
[2009/10/13 15:13] Bad Roleplayer: well, serve whit fire boy, you can go if you wont
[2009/10/13 15:13] Testimo Haalan: The lord is that warriors..." - points over to the blond first sword of ST "... companion, Mistress"
[2009/10/13 15:14] Bad Roleplayer: thanks
[2009/10/13 15:14] Bad Roleplayer: do you know where is the homestone?
[2009/10/13 15:14] Testimo Haalan: always happy to help, Mistress
[2009/10/13 15:15] Rio Paulino shouts: TESTIMO
[2009/10/13 15:15] Bad Roleplayer: mh ok ok, i found it by myself....
[2009/10/13 15:15] Bad Roleplayer grins
[2009/10/13 15:15] Testimo Haalan bends his head lightly, focusing the bow in the Free Woman's hand "May I ask, why you are armed to fight, Mistress?"

And this just sucks! Sorry, but it really sucks! A female thief, arriving on the bright day with the drawn bow on the docks... This is just so bad, bad, bad Roleplay!!!

[2009/10/13 15:16] Bad Roleplayer: becouse im a thief, boy
[2009/10/13 15:16] Bad Roleplayer grins
[2009/10/13 15:16] Bad Roleplayer: but its ours secret...
[2009/10/13 15:16] Bad Roleplayer: aye?
[2009/10/13 15:16] Testimo Haalan hears his old name and beams, shouting in the direction of the voice "Greetings, my protector"
[2009/10/13 15:16] Bad Roleplayer: better if you go now
[2009/10/13 15:17] Bad Roleplayer: i have... works to do
[2009/10/13 15:17] Testimo Haalan looks back to the Mistress "Why do thieves use bows, Mistress?"
[2009/10/13 15:17] Bad Roleplayer: becouse people dont like thief...
[2009/10/13 15:18] Bad Roleplayer: and thief dont like people
[2009/10/13 15:18] Bad Roleplayer grins
[2009/10/13 15:18] Testimo Haalan bends his head and smile "I can't imagine why this is so, Mistress"
[2009/10/13 15:18] Bad Roleplayer: eheheh you wont stay whit me? your protector call you...
[2009/10/13 15:19] Bad Roleplayer: i go boy, you looks a little slow today
[2009/10/13 15:19] Bad Roleplayer smiles
[2009/10/13 15:19] Testimo Haalan: Yes, Mistress. I wish you well and good luck, even if I maybe shouldn't as your 'business' isn't an honorable one. But it's none of a boy's concerne"
[2009/10/13 15:19] Bad Roleplayer: serve whit fire


So, really: If you want to roleplay, then ROLEPLAY! It seems some (most) of the people in Gor see it just as a stringing together of ACTIONS and getting to their destination as quick as possible. It's like the difference between a porn and a good movie. Some/many people only want to play porn. Well, you know about the perfoming skills of porn-actors. They might know how to fuck (or transferred to Gor: how to fight), but not how to act. And while in porn the dialogue is restricted to sentences like "Hello, I'm the pizza-boy. Here's your pizza. Let's fuck!" and you normally fast-forward these scenes, in a good movie you expect a bit more.
First of all: Think, think, think! A thief and especially a WOMAN would never, never, never ever come in the bright of the day to a city with a drawn bow and shout out loud that she's going to steal the homestone. That is just bullshit! Women on Gor are weak. That is like it is. They don't carry along heavy bows and swords. They don't go unveiled. If they do so, they will be collared immediately.
You either come in at night and sneak around secretely, or you come disguised as honorable woman in appropreate clothes, with weapons (female ones!) hidden under your clothes. You try to spy out what you are looking for, experiencing the thrill of being disclosed every minute and ready to escape (a woman fighting against a whole city??? That's only possible in SL when  in the whole city there's just 1 citizen online ).
But of course - you're playing mind-porn and you don't have the time for roleplaying and no time for granting others the minute it takes for a good emote....


Teleny Macarthur said...

That kind of RP is one of the reasons that, in another AV, I left Gor completely. Kudos for pointing it out!

Jordyn Carnell said...

Bad Roleplayer enters town brazenly in the middle of the day.
Bad Roleplayer arrogantly shouts out "I've come for your largest and most prized cocks" and he/she draws his/her crossbow to assert his/her demands.

Naw.. that I wouldn't fast forward through.. way too funny.