I was at the academy again yesterday, passing the second test, while my beloved brother Tesa was passing the first one. And Master Marin's boy Conny passed the third. So we went celebrating afterwards.  But before that we had a lot of fun after meeting the school-physician. Well, "fun" in a more ironic way. First of all he let us wait 5 minutes after our greetings, because he somehow was away or inattentive. - This is one of the things I hate in SL-Gor. It's a disrespect to the player behind the screen. It's a waste of their online time. So, if you are too busy with other things or afk, then put your damn Meter to "away"! However, finally he answered the greetings:

Testimo Haalan slides to his knees as he sees the Master in green
Testimo Haalan clears his throat a bit to not scare the Master before he greets "Greetings, Master"
Tesakam Riler: Greentings, Master
Physician: Greetings, boys

I already burst out laughing at that point. "GREENTINGS"... - For all non-Goreans: Physicians wear the color green. Tesa said it was a Freudian typo, but I don't think so. *hehe* Well, that Physician was a bit stupid. It got even better. Conny joined us and after the typical greetings:

Conny Osterham: nice to meet you Master. Im conny from Tabor
Testimo Haalan looks from the Master to the painting on the wall and back to the Master's feet
Testimo Haalan: Are you the physician of this academy, Master, if I may ask?
Physician: Yes , I am XXX, Cheif physician of Mur
Testimo Haalan: nice to meet you, Master
Tesakam Riler: nice to meet you, Master
Physician: nice meeting you
Testimo Haalan considers, if he already learned the lesson, that a slave shouldn't tell his name, when he wasn't ask for it, or if it was the other way round
Conny Osterham thought it was mistake to say his name
Physician: a slave never speaks a Free's name unless given permission
Testimo Haalan: yes, Master
Physician: you may offer your name anytime

Here a big OOOMPH! Because:
1. I CONSIDERED, that means I THOUGHT. He cannot really READ my minds and answer in open speach to it. Use it as hint to finally ask for the names or not.
2. I didn't consider to speak HIS name, I considered if it was okay to tell OUR names without being asked for.
3. I'm pretty sure, that I've heard, that a slave doesn't tell his name, when s/he isn't asked for it. Why feed a Free with information he might not be interested in? That's obtrusive and not appropreate for a slave. But I'm not sure, if this is an Onlinism or a common slave-rule from the books. But I'm sure, that guy doesn't know it either for sure. So, I don't like guys, running around in Gor as "Masters" and feeding slaves with false information.
However, a Master is always right, even if he's talking bullshit. And somehow I experienced, that it is kind of relaxing to just say "Yes, Master" and laugh behind his back.

It got even funnier:

Conny Osterham bows
Conny Osterham: be well Master
Testimo Haalan bows and gets some paces back, before he turns out the gate
Physician: conny..
Conny Osterham looks back at Master
Physician: I dont mind.. but saying "be well" to some free is an insult
Physician: the correct slave term is : I will you well"
Conny Osterham: oh.....i appolisize for it Master
Conny Osterham: I will you well Master

Okay, you shouldn't laugh about other's typos and he's right - only Free use "Be well" as it could be taken as a command and slaves do not command, but we just couldn't help laughing and laughing and laughing. Well, okay, I admit - I think he's a nice guy. We really, really shouldn't have made fun of it. I only want to tell all so-called "Masters" out there: Be careful what you say or do, because the slaves might whisper behind your back like this:

[2009/11/12 16:44] Testimo Haalan: *wish
[2009/11/12 16:44] Testimo Haalan: but a Master is always right
[2009/11/12 16:44] Testimo Haalan: :P
[2009/11/12 16:45] Testimo Haalan bursts out laughing
[2009/11/12 16:45] Testimo Haalan: well done, Conny
[2009/11/12 16:45] Tesakam Riler: i go need to pee because i laugh
[2009/11/12 16:45] Conny Osterham: i should tell it some brothers in Tabor
[2009/11/12 16:45] Testimo Haalan: yes!
[2009/11/12 16:45] Conny Osterham: some of thme do mistake always in Tabor hehe
[2009/11/12 16:46] Tesakam Riler: did you know i greets him conny ?
[2009/11/12 16:46] Tesakam Riler: GREENtings, Master
[2009/11/12 16:46] Testimo Haalan: but he's right "Be well" is a command; slaves don't use it. "I wish you well" would be correct
[2009/11/12 16:46] Conny Osterham: hehehe
[2009/11/12 16:46] Testimo Haalan: say 3 times "I will you well" fast!
[2009/11/12 16:47] Conny Osterham: lets hurry to Tabor;P
[2009/11/12 16:47] Tesakam Riler: my love stop i gonna pee in my pant
[2009/11/12 16:48] Testimo Haalan: I need that lol-gesture from franzi!
[2009/11/12 16:48] Conny Osterham: me too
[2009/11/12 16:48] Tesakam Riler: let go before he come back

Well, after that, Conny showed us his Master's home and we danced a while on the pole before we finally went dancing to a club. A really nice and funny evening it was!

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