Visit to the Dark Path

The other day my Master's companion was captured by the Dark Lord and left humiliated bound to a stock in the market of Tabor. My brother Wolf could escape and send a dove for help to the island. Well, that dove was a bit slow or lost direction, so it arrived a day later. Master Freki - not knowing, that Master Franzi was already freed - went with some other Guardians to the Dark Path to rescue Master Franzi. He left me a note about their mission, so I followed them. I had thought, the Dark Lord had captured Master Franzi again ((of course I knew better OOC *g*)).

It has not to be mentioned, that the mission was no success as there was nobody to rescue. But it was very exiting, especially as the Masters tried to burn the castle down (with no success, as it is very solid stone).

Freki McGillivary: looks to Fox and grins "Do you have Fire?"
Freki McGillivary: We should leave some flames
Testimo Haalan: no flintstones, Master, sorry
Testimo Haalan checks his rock-pouch, gets out some items to make sure "Hmmmm, normal rock... normal rock... peppermint-candy?"- licks - "nope! normal rock...."

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