My rezzday

It was my rezzday! And what a wonderful day it was!

I spent most of the day with my Master. We had some (much) fun and pleasure. And then he spoiled me with gifts. New silks I got, one very fancy one from a new silk-creator.

Just a short note to all you silk-creators out there: Most of us boys are small. But most of your silks - no matter how beautiful they are - are build for giants! I don't know a single brother who wouldn't complain, that the silks are always too big. [Gotta mention "Solange" here, which at least has a very good resize-script in it, so that's no problem most of the times. But some others are a big problem.] Please, please, please - when you create a silk (or any other prim-cloth; this not only applies for silks) - use a very small shape to do it, with small hips etc. It's much easier to stretch something to bigger later then to make it smaller (which is mostly restricted by minimum-limits). And it's a bit annoying, when you spend 800 L$ for a silk, but then need so many hours to edit linked parts (and it has many of those!) that at the end you have the feeling, in this time you could as well have build it yourself.

However! Here you see me dancing between my Master (who surprised me with a cute xmas-silk... on his body. mmmmmmmm) and my brother Tesa at the surprise-party (Hehe - don't look too close! Those silks are not hiding much, especially not when your boyparts are swinging around in the dance-moves...) on Tidra. My Master had worked hard together with DJ Heloq to decorate it all. It was lovely!
All my three chain-brothers came and Masters Freki and Heloq and Marin... And my protectors Wildcat and Rio were there for a while, and brothers  Misha and Teale and Conny came also. I wished more brothers and friends would have had time, but not many were online at that time and later there was an OOC-dance at White Water.

From my brothers Wolf and Eagle I got a little desert fox. It's soooooo cute! Haven't found out yet, what it can do, but it purrs and snuggles in my shoulder and I can pet it and bath it (it's all wet then and doesn't look too happy with it. Well, it's a desert-fox! Not used to water, I guess.) I named it "Mehtap" which means "moonlight", because it's so white.

After Heloq had to finish his set - three hours later - we were still in the mood of dancing, so I went with my Master and with my protector Rio to the OOC-dance in White Water. DJ Syriana played and many people were there. The fun continued. Many good wishes from all sides.... one Master sent me a spontanuous, surprising gift (surprising, because I had never met him before)... brother Armond jumped out of a rezzday-cake... brother Justyn joined us and sweetheart Levi [Ewing] was there... and many others. I liked the bunny-hop!

So, one year Gor is over. Many happened in this time although it seems to me like just a few months. 365 days. Time to take a look back. I came to Gor as an escape. And I was about to quit after 6 days already. But then a friend brought me to Arad. And there my real story started. Gor! Love it, hate it.
I remember my first days on Arad. So exiting. Meeting Matteus, Misha, Mick, Hardan... and finally my Master the first time. All was new and I was so scared to do anything wrong. But it was a very good time.
Then the pathes parted, my Master's chain left Arad and came to Silver Tree. New Masters, new brothers, new friends. Another good time, though these pathes parted again and the chain finally settled down on Tidra, this beautiful and wild island. And again new friendships are sealed.

I'm happy here, even if sometimes I hate Gor. But important is, that I'm with my chain. My beloved Master, my beloved brother and secret companion Tesa, and my little brothers Wolf and Eagle. And our protectors, our friends... Yes, I'm happy and although RL wasn't easy for all of us, we are a strong family and the love for each other gives us strength and keeps us up.

But before I'm becoming too sentimental now, I better continue with updating the last too days. So, at the end of my rezzday I happy fell asleep in my Masters arms.
Today he granted me some time with my brother Tesa. We had fun together, bought a matching Santa-Kajirus-outfit and went to Tainted Boys for dancing and playing go-go-boys for DJ Heloq. I think we looked cute:

My brother-love was very tired then, so we went to bed. But I couldn't sleep, so I went outside to build a snowman and to send the picture to that Master from the OOC-party as a thank you. I hope he likes it:

Well, and now it's time to join my beloved secret companion again, cuddling at the fireplace. I just want to send out a big thank you to all those, who made my rezzday such a wonderful day, and my life on Gor so lovely.

Thank you!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

So Thaatts where the carrot goes on the snowman.. No wonder people always look at my snowmen funny.

Happy rezzday Tiger