The errors of SL-Gor

I know, I am very quiet these days, but nothing happens in the life of Fox. Most of his chain is still missing, so he's just doing his chores...

As I already wrote here and there about Gorean onlinisms I decided to start a new tag called "The errors of SL-Gor". There are so many "rules" especially for slaves in Gorean RP, but many of them are not justified. People tried to create their own rules and tried to "justify" them with the quotes of the book. Other people who never really read a book of John Norman think it's like a dogma. I am one of theose  who first learned "The Gorean Way" from those notecards full of quotas. And as you can see in older posts I was a victim of it, of the believe, that there would be something like unbreakable slave-rulse. That was before I started to read the books. But now, after reading the books (still at it) I recognize, that so many of these "rules" are just wrong. For every quota FOR something you can as well find quotas AGAINST it in the 27 novels.

The main problem is, that the author John Norman contradicts himself way too often. He's neither consequent nor logical. Not alone contradicting himself from one book to the other - which would be understandable as they were written within 4 decades - but often even in one and the same book. Like talking of "the Gorean law" on one page and then saying, that laws only reach to the walls of a city. All in all it is certain that there IS no "Gorean law". There are the edicts of the Priest Kings and there is a Merchant law. Everything else might be similar laws in different cities, but not a Gorean-wide dogma, especially as most part of Gor is unknown territory.

I don't think, that my notes will change anything in SL-Gor, but I want to write about it anyways...

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