The City of Dust


Testimo Haalan sneaks into his Master's bedroom and opens the drawers of the closest. His hands nervously searching around as tears are blinding him. He sniffs as his fingers finally find what they were searching: The keys to his collar. He grabs the keys, his hand reaching the collar, turning it around.
Testimo Haalan's trembling fingers insert the key into the small lock of the key, turning it around three times until he hears a light snap. He takes a deep breath and wipes the tears from his face before he opens the collar and takes it from his neck.
(Xcite! ToKon Slave HUD: ** You have removed the locked item 'Celtic Collar (spine)'. This information has been sent to your owner(s).
Fox has removed Kenshiro Pevensey from his access list.)
Testimo Haalan kisses the collar and places it on his Master's bed. Gently he carresses the soft silks before he turns around and leaves the room without a look back.
He walks down to the beach in front of the fort. His eyes searching once again the horizone. One last time like so many moons before in those lonely nights when he waited for his Master and his chainbrothers to return.
Testimo Haalan takes a deep breath, inhaling the salty breeze from the ocean. Finall he takes off his weapons and his silks, placing them with his slavepapers carefully on the rocks. Naked as he was found so many moons ago by his Master he steps into the water. Kind Thassa washing the tears from his face as he starts to swim towards the horizone.
Testimo Haalan swims and swims many passangs. His beloved island, his and his Master's and chain's home becoming smaller and smaller behind him. He doesn't look back, his eyes only towards the horizon he swims until his muscles getting tired.
Testimo Haalan as his head is diving under the watersurface struggles a bit in reflex... he struggles to get up.. catching for breath again.... but his muscles tired from swimming the long distance...
GM 3.3: Drowning Has Captured Testimo Haalan!
Testimo Haalan's lungs fill with water...  fighting to keep concious... his last thought belongs to his beloved Master... as did his whole existance... then it becomes dark around him... and the gleaming Thassa sea welcomed him back in her lap
GM 3.3 shouts: Testimo Haalan has commited suicide.


This is the end of the kajirus Testimo Haalan called Fox. It might sound a bit melodramatic, but that's only the expression of the emotions the person behind Teso doesn't allow himself RL.

Almost two years ago Teso was washed ashore on Gor, in search of being loved and cared for. He found what he was looking for and is thankful for that. The last year however things changed for some reason and the last six months there was no reason for his existance anymore. So he drew the consequences.

Testimo Haalan is not Gorean anymore and will not take part in any Gorean RP. But the "Errors of Gor" in this blog will continue.

Safe and bright paths to all of you and I wish you well!



Teleny Macarthur said...

The Scorpion of Tidra finds the boy's papers and silks on the shoreline, realizes what has happened, and begins to weep silently at the passing of a beloved friend. He sighs, and picks up the objects, turns from the beach, and slowly and sadly walks back to the Fortress of Tidra. "May your passage through time be peaceful, my friend. You have my love and my support for all of eternity." R.I.P. Testimo Haalan. You've certainly earned it.

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Joshua Cartauld said...

you made me cry so much ..

River, Mater's lil Sunshine said...

damn this still makes me cry

Eddi Haskell said...

Your photos keeps on getting better and better Franz. I love the lighting effects and way you convey emotion visually. Great work.