The Slave Council Hunt

It's soooooo boring in the city of dust! Sometimes I sneak into Tidra on my naked ghostly feet to scare the little brothers I would have had, if I were still alive. *smiles*

So yesterday I went on a hunt for slave stuff organized by the new Slave Council. I think it was the first of it's kind and they have to learn a bit about hunts.... like to numberize the gifts and to make sure, there's always the LM for the next shop in it, but the gifts were nice. Too bad most of it for slave girls. I tried some on.. *giggles*... and think the sisters will love all the dancing silks and camiscs.

Here's some pictures of what I got and kept. I don't know, which was #1 "Sins of Passion" (as I said, the gifts were not numbered), but #2 was female. Now here's #3 at SB Designs. Seregon Breil makes one of the nicests Silks for male I know:


I accidently deleted the picture of #4 which was one of the funniest things: A backbag from PRIMUS weapons full of christmas boxes. It looks nice, but the funny thing is, you can draw the boxes and throw them on people... causing damage on the GM. *giggle*

#5 and #6 were female silks and camisks again. But #7... Mmmmmmmm! From my friend XCept Atlas. I had bought already some of his nice cloaks. So with the present from Nyundo comes a nice loincloth (+ a kilt for Masters) and a cloak in two different sizes:

#7 PtBb Design  (I think that's it's name)

#8 was a camisk again, but there was a belt and thighbelt included which I liked. I've put on some undies (from boycut) to show it here:

#8 (I forgot the creator)

#9 was female again and #10 I didn't find at all. But as it was a shop full of girl-silks I didn't search for too long. #11 was a tattoo on Tarn Island:

#11 Tarn Island

Couldn't open #12 and contacted the organizers. I was told that it will be repaired soon.

#13 was this nice slavebaths from Deadly Desires. It looks really good. Too bad it has only one animation in it, but maybe there can be a bath-menu laid over it:

#13 Deadly Desires

#14 were female silks again. And #15 actually female too, but if you take off some parts, it could be as well male (christmas elf?). It's too funny, because you can use candy canes as weapons and throw it at people:

#15 Torvis

#16 and #17 were tattoos. I don't have need for them, but they are nicely made. However I like the Gothic Rose from alterego:

#16 N.Z. Creations
#17 Alterego

 # 18 included 3 gifts. The third one female dancing silks, but the 1st and 2d quite nice. A woodchopping log and a footwash chair:

 #18 Candlelight Evenings

Well, and #19 was female again. So no pics of that. *hehe*

And if you wonder, why I'm so pale: There's no sun in the city of dust!

 Have fun hunting, brothers!



5th Tower said...

Wish I had know this was happening I would have made something for it. Next time. :)
-Vrat Skytower
5th Tower Male Silks and Accessories

Testimo said...

Hi, Vrat! If you are a silk creator, contact Fintan Solo. I think you can still join...