The Slave Council Hunt

It's soooooo boring in the city of dust! Sometimes I sneak into Tidra on my naked ghostly feet to scare the little brothers I would have had, if I were still alive. *smiles*

So yesterday I went on a hunt for slave stuff organized by the new Slave Council. I think it was the first of it's kind and they have to learn a bit about hunts.... like to numberize the gifts and to make sure, there's always the LM for the next shop in it, but the gifts were nice. Too bad most of it for slave girls. I tried some on.. *giggles*... and think the sisters will love all the dancing silks and camiscs.

Here's some pictures of what I got and kept. I don't know, which was #1 "Sins of Passion" (as I said, the gifts were not numbered), but #2 was female. Now here's #3 at SB Designs. Seregon Breil makes one of the nicests Silks for male I know:


I accidently deleted the picture of #4 which was one of the funniest things: A backbag from PRIMUS weapons full of christmas boxes. It looks nice, but the funny thing is, you can draw the boxes and throw them on people... causing damage on the GM. *giggle*

#5 and #6 were female silks and camisks again. But #7... Mmmmmmmm! From my friend XCept Atlas. I had bought already some of his nice cloaks. So with the present from Nyundo comes a nice loincloth (+ a kilt for Masters) and a cloak in two different sizes:

#7 PtBb Design  (I think that's it's name)

#8 was a camisk again, but there was a belt and thighbelt included which I liked. I've put on some undies (from boycut) to show it here:

#8 (I forgot the creator)

#9 was female again and #10 I didn't find at all. But as it was a shop full of girl-silks I didn't search for too long. #11 was a tattoo on Tarn Island:

#11 Tarn Island

Couldn't open #12 and contacted the organizers. I was told that it will be repaired soon.

#13 was this nice slavebaths from Deadly Desires. It looks really good. Too bad it has only one animation in it, but maybe there can be a bath-menu laid over it:

#13 Deadly Desires

#14 were female silks again. And #15 actually female too, but if you take off some parts, it could be as well male (christmas elf?). It's too funny, because you can use candy canes as weapons and throw it at people:

#15 Torvis

#16 and #17 were tattoos. I don't have need for them, but they are nicely made. However I like the Gothic Rose from alterego:

#16 N.Z. Creations
#17 Alterego

 # 18 included 3 gifts. The third one female dancing silks, but the 1st and 2d quite nice. A woodchopping log and a footwash chair:

 #18 Candlelight Evenings

Well, and #19 was female again. So no pics of that. *hehe*

And if you wonder, why I'm so pale: There's no sun in the city of dust!

 Have fun hunting, brothers!



The City of Dust


Testimo Haalan sneaks into his Master's bedroom and opens the drawers of the closest. His hands nervously searching around as tears are blinding him. He sniffs as his fingers finally find what they were searching: The keys to his collar. He grabs the keys, his hand reaching the collar, turning it around.
Testimo Haalan's trembling fingers insert the key into the small lock of the key, turning it around three times until he hears a light snap. He takes a deep breath and wipes the tears from his face before he opens the collar and takes it from his neck.
(Xcite! ToKon Slave HUD: ** You have removed the locked item 'Celtic Collar (spine)'. This information has been sent to your owner(s).
Fox has removed Kenshiro Pevensey from his access list.)
Testimo Haalan kisses the collar and places it on his Master's bed. Gently he carresses the soft silks before he turns around and leaves the room without a look back.
He walks down to the beach in front of the fort. His eyes searching once again the horizone. One last time like so many moons before in those lonely nights when he waited for his Master and his chainbrothers to return.
Testimo Haalan takes a deep breath, inhaling the salty breeze from the ocean. Finall he takes off his weapons and his silks, placing them with his slavepapers carefully on the rocks. Naked as he was found so many moons ago by his Master he steps into the water. Kind Thassa washing the tears from his face as he starts to swim towards the horizone.
Testimo Haalan swims and swims many passangs. His beloved island, his and his Master's and chain's home becoming smaller and smaller behind him. He doesn't look back, his eyes only towards the horizon he swims until his muscles getting tired.
Testimo Haalan as his head is diving under the watersurface struggles a bit in reflex... he struggles to get up.. catching for breath again.... but his muscles tired from swimming the long distance...
GM 3.3: Drowning Has Captured Testimo Haalan!
Testimo Haalan's lungs fill with water...  fighting to keep concious... his last thought belongs to his beloved Master... as did his whole existance... then it becomes dark around him... and the gleaming Thassa sea welcomed him back in her lap
GM 3.3 shouts: Testimo Haalan has commited suicide.


This is the end of the kajirus Testimo Haalan called Fox. It might sound a bit melodramatic, but that's only the expression of the emotions the person behind Teso doesn't allow himself RL.

Almost two years ago Teso was washed ashore on Gor, in search of being loved and cared for. He found what he was looking for and is thankful for that. The last year however things changed for some reason and the last six months there was no reason for his existance anymore. So he drew the consequences.

Testimo Haalan is not Gorean anymore and will not take part in any Gorean RP. But the "Errors of Gor" in this blog will continue.

Safe and bright paths to all of you and I wish you well!



The errors of SL-Gor - Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Franzi mentioned it once or twice, but I want to repeat it here. It's the "Aiii" in very variations. It seems to be a new (?) fashion in SL-Gor to use "Aii" in the meaning of "Yes". It isn't. No. No. No.

It's like people using terms like "Urth" and "Servery" and "Aii" to emphasize their "Goreanism"... and it's so wrong. Just wrong. Earth is earth. Most Goreans with second knowledge (high casts) know about Earth and know how it's spelled. "Urth" is only used to show how it's spoken. The same with "Ko-lar" instead of "Collar". And "servery" is just an invention; it's "kitchen", simple like that.

So, "Ai" in it's many variations is only used as an expression of surprise or joy or fear. Here are the only (at least as far as I found them) quotas in the book where "Aii" in a variation was used:

As a sound of surprise:
Then, strangely, the girl's head lifted and she looked into my eyes. She tried to smile. The words were soft, but clearly and unmistakably spoken, 'Buy me, Master'.
'Ai!' cried the grizzled man, and even Targo the Slaver looked baffled.
It had been the first time the girl had uttered the ritual phrase.
Outlaws of Gor

Another sound of astonishing, when Tarl Cabot met the four Ubars of the wagon people and they were impressed by him not moving or giving in:
"Aieee" cried the warrior of the Kataiil
Nomads of Gor

As a sound of pain:
Kamchak's laugh was cut short when she sank her fine white teeth into his hand with a savage bite. "Aiii!" he howled, jumping up and sticking his bleeding hand into his mouth, sucking the blood from the wound.
Nomads of Gor

As a sound of discomfort, when the Tuchuk Harold first time went up to the sky on a tarn and his stomach turned:
"Aiii!" I heard Harold cry, and could well imagine what had happened to his stomach.
Nomads of Gor

An outburst of buffled surprise as watching a Kaissa-game:
“Aii!” I cried, though the outburst was scarcely in keeping with the somber black I wore, and an instant later the Tarn Keeper and the Saddle Maker cried out, and began to stamp their feet in the dust, and pound their fists against their lift shoulders. Then others watching cried out with glee.
Assassins of Gor

As answer to a joke like laughter (or maybe pain, when he was hit by the whip. That's not so clear in this passage):
One of the slaves, chained before me, whispered over his shoulder. “What is your name, Captain?”
“Bosk,” I told him, pulling on the oar.
“Aiii!” he cried.
Raiders of Gor

Sound of joy and pleasure:
I danced toward him, he who had said this, and he leaped toward me, but two of his fellows seized him, holding him back. I danced back, my hands held to him, as though I had been torn from him.
“Aiii!” he cried.
There were shouts of pleasure.
Captive of Gor

So "Aii" in it's variations is always used as onomatopoeia, as an outburst, but never ever in the meaning of "Yes". If you have to do, then at least use "Aye", which by the way doesn't appear in the books at all as far as I know. That so many in SL-Gor use the variations of "Aii" in the meaning of "Yes", doesn't make it righter. Don't wonder when you use it and I'll ask you, if you hurt something.

The errors of SL-Gor - the everkneeling slave

One of the many SL-Gor-Onlinisms is the permanent slave-kneeling. Sorry, but slaves in the books didn't kneel and crawl all day long. Nope! Especially when there is no Free around... why the hack should they?

But most brothers and sisters in SL-Gor are so used to it, that they don't even recognize. And as it becomes a habitute, it looses all it's meaning.

Slaves have chores to do. It wouldn't help their chores, if they would crawl on their knees all day long. Imagine a slave doing errands on the market for their owner and slide down to their knees every second for each bypassing Free! And especially male slaves (which is a completely different and difficult chapter in Gay Gor) were often not even to be recognized as slave so that they won't know their amount; their collar not to be seen, no special slave-clothes and especially not falling to their knees in front of every Free.

The mentioned kneeling in the books is mainly mentioned in three kinds of context: One within serving one within submissional humiliation and one within sexual context. The submissional humiliation is often forced with special kind of shackles or chaining. The sexual context is a part of the seductive behaviour of a slave, probably based on John Norman's sexual fantasies. To gracefully slide down to your knees and bow your head before a Master or Mistress, to show him/her your respect, to offer your body and lust... that's much more erotic and a sign of submission, then crawling around like a leg-amputee.

And one shouldn't forget that there are rarely sitting furnitures like chairs on Gor. So when people rest, they sit or kneel on the ground. Free males mostly sit crosslegged, female Free kneel (different to slaves, but they kneel); similar to Japan. So kneeling especially for women is THE Gorean form of resting/sitting and is very more natural then on Earth

And male slaves, please: No tower-kneeling (= legs closed), even if white silk. This stupid "rule" is according to white silk kajirae, not kajiri. A female virgin slave, would close her legs to not offer her heat to a Master. A male virgin slave would only crash his balls and pinch his cock. Whoever said it would be a rule for male white silk slaves didn't think at all!


The errors of SL-Gor

I know, I am very quiet these days, but nothing happens in the life of Fox. Most of his chain is still missing, so he's just doing his chores...

As I already wrote here and there about Gorean onlinisms I decided to start a new tag called "The errors of SL-Gor". There are so many "rules" especially for slaves in Gorean RP, but many of them are not justified. People tried to create their own rules and tried to "justify" them with the quotes of the book. Other people who never really read a book of John Norman think it's like a dogma. I am one of theose  who first learned "The Gorean Way" from those notecards full of quotas. And as you can see in older posts I was a victim of it, of the believe, that there would be something like unbreakable slave-rulse. That was before I started to read the books. But now, after reading the books (still at it) I recognize, that so many of these "rules" are just wrong. For every quota FOR something you can as well find quotas AGAINST it in the 27 novels.

The main problem is, that the author John Norman contradicts himself way too often. He's neither consequent nor logical. Not alone contradicting himself from one book to the other - which would be understandable as they were written within 4 decades - but often even in one and the same book. Like talking of "the Gorean law" on one page and then saying, that laws only reach to the walls of a city. All in all it is certain that there IS no "Gorean law". There are the edicts of the Priest Kings and there is a Merchant law. Everything else might be similar laws in different cities, but not a Gorean-wide dogma, especially as most part of Gor is unknown territory.

I don't think, that my notes will change anything in SL-Gor, but I want to write about it anyways...