My brother Misha

Misha, the wise. First boi of Arad, beloved first boi of Master Matteus. And caring & loving brother. He's the most similar to me. We often have the same thoughts, the same skills in building, the same background in SL-experiences. Intelligent and of high knowledge. But sometimes I have the feeling, he feels threatened by my presence and I feel excluded, like when he emphasizes, that I'm not really a chain-brother to my brothers and I don't really belong to the family. It hurts and makes me sad, because he's the one I admire the most and love to discuss with him, even if we do have different opinions. I hope that he soon will recognize, that I'm not a threat but a chance to become an awesome team, a strong family and that the name of Arad will soon enlighten the skies of Gor. Love you anyways, my brother!

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