1st of January - New years eve

The year started good... and hard for this boi. As white silk, desperately waiting for his Master to open him, I had caged myself, as you might remember. After my Master had left for travels, Master Matteus arrived. He inspected the new nipple-piercings my brother Hardan got. Twisted them here and there, my poor brother twitching and whining with getting his freshly pierced nipples treated like that. And I could only kneel beside, watch and feel the straps of the cock-cage cutting deep into my meat, as I felt the strange arousal.
The pain got even worse, as Master started to explore brother's body with his hands, sliding them down my brother's back, parting his cheeks, sliding a finger into his love-hole. And I could only kneel and watch, whining under the growing pain in my caged boiparts, as Master pulled my brother on his lap, made him ride Master's precious dick, getting his boiparts stroked by Master. My brother's face showed the pleasure Master caused to him and I moaned with him loudly as he shot his load all over Master's chest.
But it even became worse with the pain as Master commanded me to cuddle with them. Master's and brother's hot, sweaty bodies so close, the manly scent of sweat and cum in the air... It almost drove me insane.
Well, I helped Master making my brother cum a second time, stroking him while I rubbed my caged and hurting flesh at his thigh.

Now the two of them are asleep And I'm left here aroused, with that pain in my boiparts and that deep desire in my heart to soon be opened by my Master, although I'm scared at the same time, cause I think, it will hurt a lot. Sending a prayer to the Priest Kings, that they soon will re-unite me with my Master...

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