Mur Academy

Our Masters sent us boys all to school at the Mur Academy in Scimitar. It's not easy for me, as I have problems to write and read. *heh* Some just don't understand the RP, when I'm playing the naive boy and they don't get the humour behind it. Or maybe I'm just not funny? Don't know...

Like here with the "Champions" ("Hail" is a greeting for champions and expert swordsmen and kaissa-players. Of course *I* - the player behind it, knows "Champions". Hm, well, maybe the problem was, that champignons are unknown in English?)

Testimo Haalan: hmmmm, I have a question, brothers....
Mentor: yes fox?
Testimo Haalan: why do the Free greet mushrooms with 'Hail'?
Mentor: mushrooms?
Kajrius: I have not heard that brothers?
Mentor: Hail is to be used for great warriors or Free persons of accomplishment
Mentor: mushrooms? like the fungus?
Testimo Haalan: "yes... there!" - takes the paper again, his eyes searching for the word... "Here! Ch... Cha... Cham... Champ... Champignons"
Mentor: yes
Mentor: Champions
Testimo Haalan: oh, Champions!?!
Mentor: like great warriors who have won many contests
Testimo Haalan turns red
Testimo Haalan: and I wondered, why they hail Champignons
Mentor: is champignon mushroom in french?
Mickael Pevensey: yes it is
Mentor: there you go
Testimo Haalan nods "Thank you! Now it's clearer"
Mentor: ((like an Olympic Champion, in English))

However I passed test #2 now, was pretty nervous, but all went fine.

What I like there is, that they teach mostly after the books and not stupid Onlinisms, like every sentence would have to end with Master/Mistress (it isn't so!) or that slaves always would speak in third person (it isn't so!) or that slaves wouldn't be allowed to use "Tal" (they are!)  etc etc etc. Although I don't agree with some of their lessons like the rule, that a slave would have ask for permission to leave the keyboard. Hey, as player I really don't have to ask anyone for permission according my RL!!! And that "ask 3 times rule"... Hm, I don't know. If another PLAYER is inattentive and doesn't react to any greeting or whatever, because he's too busy in IMs or afk or just not interested, why should I waste my personal ONLINE-time as PLAYER??? Well, I am patient and give time to react, so I will wait. But this "rule" or unwritten law should accord to every RPer, not be a IC-rule you could be punished for. Sorry, bullshit.

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