new brothers?

My Master and my chain-brothers are much on travels these days. I haven't seen them for many hands*. But my Master's companion found a man on the shores who submitted to the whole island of Tidra to survive. I haven't met him yet, but Master said, he's talking in a strange dialect and is hard to understand. I'm curious to meet him soon, but it seems he is a lot on travels also.

These days another boy landed on the shores of Tidra. He shipwrecked and I just caught him, when he was attacked by some sleens as he stumbled over one of the sleen-nests. He was bitten very hard in his legs and I took care of his wounds. He is sooooo nice and I asked my Master's companion, if he would buy him to join our chain. I miss my Master and my chain-brothers and it would be good to have another brother helping with all the chores.

So Master Franzi will talk to Lady Kara from the academy for buying that brother.

*1 hand = 1 Gorean week = 5 days

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