It's been a long time since the last entry. And I think, I'm not able to keep the diary-form up-to-date, as it takes a lot of re-reading the chat-log (though the opening may be worth a detailed entry...). To not let this blog get too dusted, I'll just start somewhere. - So, months passed by. I loved my "family" on Arad, still do. We came closer and my Master got a Free Companion. So there was not so much time for his boy anymore...

Two weeks ago the Masters got into an arguement. It's not my concerne as kajirus to judge this in any way. I just follow my Master and his FC, so we left the Shores of Arad and found a new homestone in a nice place called Silver Tree of Tabor.

Yesterday was my second time to visit it. And to meet my new chain-brother Codey. It was a very exiting day! First we heard the sad news, that the first sabre of Silver Tree - who also is one of my protectors - was killed. Someone spread the rumour that it was the Dark Lord. My hand is trembling, when I only have to write this name. This hand which once was smashed into pieces with a hammer.... *takes a deep breath*... Anyway! The Mylord of Silver Tree asked my Master to search for the place, where that evil Master lives. And Codey, me and another brother accompanied them.

We found the place. Oh, what a dark place it was! As if it sucks in every sunbeam and turns it into darkness. I was shaking and trembling all the time, kept close to my Master's heels. We also met the First Sabre there, which is a little strange, as he should have been dead, but... *shrugs*
As we were in the inner courtyard - silent and stinky like a graveyard - we suddenly were attacked. But we didn't know, who it was and only my Master was a little injured, but recovered quickly with Lord-Healer's help.

I was so happy as we could finally leave the dark place! ((= I wished, we had explored more)) And sunshine raised in my heart, as I saw the cute crocodiles in the water out of the dark palace. I jumped in the ocean and tickled their bellies, which made them laugh. But my Master was horrified for some reason and commanded me out of the water. I don't understand it. No animal ever harmed me (except spiders). Must have something to do with my twin-brother, who's able to talk to animals. But of course I followed His command.

So, as we were still standing there at the docks - the Mylord Healer and the First Sabre already had left - we heard a cry for help from the island on the other side of the bay. We swam over, searching for the person who needs help... and faster then we could say "holy Priest Kings!" the whole island was full of outlaws. We had no chance against them and we all were captured, bound, blindfolded and gagged. I don't know, where they brought us. As the blindfold was finally removed, I found myself back in a dark dungeon. A lot of strangers around me, speaking in foreign tongues.

I was thrown in a cell, my arms still tied behind my back, and helplessly had to watch, how they tortured my beloved Master and my chainbrother. Them calling my Master "boy" all the time made me so upset, but I could do nothing against it.

So I tried to get at least rid of the bindings. Suddenly recognized a cute little rat in my cell and was trying to become friends with it. But that little beast didn't understand, that it should gnaw away my ropes. And suddenly it collapsed, dropped dead. Don't know why. *sighs*

Well, finally the First Sabre came to trade for us and we could all leave. It was a very exiting day and I was so happy, as I could finally fall asleep in my Master's strong arms.

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