29th Dec 2008 - meeting brothers mickael and misha

the first brother I met was brother mickael the devil. he showed me the castle of arad, which is fine build. brother misha the wise, the first boi of arad joined us soon. slavebois are not allowed to wear any clothes in the castle, which is a pretty fine rule, but made it hard to focus on the tour, as me was too distracted staring at the dicks and butts of the brothers all the time.
at the end we relaxed in an outside-pool. I shared a pole-dance in the middle of the pool with my brothers with a lot of touching, grabbing and skin-rubbing... and i already loved it here. is no wonder with such handsome brothers there!
but it was a long and exiting day, so I'm going to cuddle to sleep now with the brothers in the kennel.

good night and safe paths

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