The errors of SL-Gor - the everkneeling slave

One of the many SL-Gor-Onlinisms is the permanent slave-kneeling. Sorry, but slaves in the books didn't kneel and crawl all day long. Nope! Especially when there is no Free around... why the hack should they?

But most brothers and sisters in SL-Gor are so used to it, that they don't even recognize. And as it becomes a habitute, it looses all it's meaning.

Slaves have chores to do. It wouldn't help their chores, if they would crawl on their knees all day long. Imagine a slave doing errands on the market for their owner and slide down to their knees every second for each bypassing Free! And especially male slaves (which is a completely different and difficult chapter in Gay Gor) were often not even to be recognized as slave so that they won't know their amount; their collar not to be seen, no special slave-clothes and especially not falling to their knees in front of every Free.

The mentioned kneeling in the books is mainly mentioned in three kinds of context: One within serving one within submissional humiliation and one within sexual context. The submissional humiliation is often forced with special kind of shackles or chaining. The sexual context is a part of the seductive behaviour of a slave, probably based on John Norman's sexual fantasies. To gracefully slide down to your knees and bow your head before a Master or Mistress, to show him/her your respect, to offer your body and lust... that's much more erotic and a sign of submission, then crawling around like a leg-amputee.

And one shouldn't forget that there are rarely sitting furnitures like chairs on Gor. So when people rest, they sit or kneel on the ground. Free males mostly sit crosslegged, female Free kneel (different to slaves, but they kneel); similar to Japan. So kneeling especially for women is THE Gorean form of resting/sitting and is very more natural then on Earth

And male slaves, please: No tower-kneeling (= legs closed), even if white silk. This stupid "rule" is according to white silk kajirae, not kajiri. A female virgin slave, would close her legs to not offer her heat to a Master. A male virgin slave would only crash his balls and pinch his cock. Whoever said it would be a rule for male white silk slaves didn't think at all!


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